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Everything posted by leeg1972

  1. DiDA DADi dodge the Diddler or DiDA Diddler do the DADi 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  2. Thanks @Pro and GL everyone
  3. Found a mod apk for my tab 4 that allows you to split anything. Even if it’s only one of an item. So on there I have crates of uncraftable weapons....flaming swords ice swords battle axes. It wold be awesome if it could be done on this version as well
  4. Thank you so much @DiDA yes the armor and weapons do break but luckily I figured that out before losing my good uncraftable weapons. The only complaint I have is that my dumb ass forgot to save some oats to split and now have to wait an hour and a half to grow a couple.
  5. The stuff that gives you empty barrels isn't implemented in game yet. And some items you have to find blueprint for before you can craft
  6. Update available to 1.9.4 I think please. I just got horse today and am gonna have to play fair till it’s updated. Lol. Thanks @Joka
  7. I think it was attempted already and only worked for a little bit then crashed.....correction there is or at least was for non jailbreak just couldn’t be used in arena. Idk if link still works but you can use search feature on top right corner(magnifying glass) and see what’s available
  8. Thanks buddy....awe s**t this is jb one. If non jb is done thanks for that too lol
  9. IDK if it’s even a real pic and not to sound like a creep but I could just stare at @sweggyttes mesmerizing pic all day🤩🤩🤩. That is all🤪

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Pradeep6868


      No no no I just looked st the pic and damn bro she looks like 9yr not even cute nor sexy 😅

    3. Verizonisanapitomy


      I have to say i disagree 

    4. AlyssaX64


      That’s a 5 year old picture please don’t stare at it 

  10. Thanks for lookin our for the po folk lol. Seriously it’s great that you’re lookin out for everyone and not just out to make a buck. I knew there was something I liked about finding this site a few months ago
  11. ok so ive dl newest version of cydia and have dl game i wanted to put on phone. i even figured out how to install it but it ran through process and imapctor stopped with my device name in window with a green bar under it on left side opened device and app not present. TIA
  12. not really.....well maybe for jb version but i watch nonjb version just as close as you do this one hahaha
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