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  1. Please @Zahir @DiDA update the hack for iOS 12 Unc0ver b38.
  2. I think Zahir developed this hack on an electra jailbreak...because on Unc0ver never worked for me
  3. Someone tried it on unc0ver b29 on iOS 12? Works?
  4. OMG where is the chat? 

  5. Remount

    RootFS Restore

    Miss only       C Y D I A

    Waiting for Jay

  6. Updated my iPhone X to iOS 12.1.2 (104). Now I'm waiting for a jailbreak, the scene is going really fast in the last days. You should update too till 12.1.2 (104) is signed...

    1. Joka


      Doesn't iOS 12.1.2 have battery issues?

    2. Markru


      No I didn't note any problems till now

    3. DiDA


      Yeah me neither 

  7. Very interesting...so maybe is a tweak make contrast with it...
  8. At this point I think this hack is not compatible with Unc0ver jailbreak, but only with Electra on iOS 11. Because there are no explaination...
  9. The last hack on 1.8.1 v. of the game worked very well, but this one make the game crashes everytime, and I have not still finded a fix to this problem. I have iPhone X 11.3.1 Unc0ver. What could be the problem or a possible fix? I have already tried to uninstall and reinstall the game and the hack, but the problem is still there, any suggestions?
  10. No others hacks installed and the game without hack never crashed, what could be? 😭
  11. Tried the third hack too and the game still crashes, do you think could be a contrast with another tweak? Do you want my tweak list with flame? I don't understand what's the problem, i'd like to fix this soon.
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