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  1. Yea, since that isn’t selling it’s just rewarding the person who hacked it. With selling they mean hacks that don’t get posted here on the forum and yet being given to people for money.
  2. Or you make a hack request with the text “anyone who hacks this I’ll donate $50”. Which is allowed, however; if you meant a private hack, just for you, then nope
  3. Lasagne is better, much better. Who doesn't like lasagne?
  4. Modify some code & you can patch their patch for this hack [Hidden Content] if you figured out how to get it working on latest versions again, feel free to release without credits
  5. Selling your mom for $50

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mr PHo3niX

      Mr PHo3niX

      @Kukun your poor wife, having a husband who would sell her for such things, good good

    3. Zidane Akhtar

      Zidane Akhtar

      Seems legit hUh

    4. Kukun


      @Mr PHo3niX that’s make it unique :v

  6. No. You’re just selfish and only want the games you want. You randomly guesses for the entire community. We have no rules for hacking games & I certainly don’t hack games for others, meaning: if I want to hack in a language only I speak, I’ll do it. I wouldn’t care if others cannot understand. anyways, to everyone who replied to your thread, you saying they’re missing the point. Fix your entire topic then, cause we reply to what you ask.
  7. We aren’t missing the point, you are. Just because YOU don’t play those games/understand them, doesn’t mean others don’t either. Creators of hacks can hack what they want, for who and how many people they want. Also, why do you even make a big deal out of it? It seems like you don’t want other people to have hacks for games they play just because you don’t play them. This community isn’t just English people. It’s people from all over the world.
  8. What iOS are you on? There's not really a risk in jailbreaking & I think it's totally worth it. If you're just doing it for the hacks, then you won't notice performance issues. However, if you're going to install lots of tweaks that change things on springboard etc, then you might face battery drain issues, freezes etc etc
  9. I agree to this. Without the CB, the forum will look dead & there’s no fun in visiting, unless you only come here to download hacks. why this is a question: there’s to much fights, which imo is not weird; you have people all around the world with different personalities which some people get from. Myself included
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