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  1. Will the IOSGODS 👂 my 🙏 and update to 7.3!!! I will fast from 🍽 vegan foods and only eat 🥩 until the prophecy has been answered!!! Thannk you oh mighty IOSGODS and accept this offering of 🥘 as to satisfy your hunger for all to follow!!!
  2. @DiDA @xiaovThe Dead are still not Walking!!! Help them to rise and walk again from ver 4.0 to running at ver 4.1!!! We beg you oh IOSGODS!!!!
  3. @xiaov @DiDA hi hope to hear that the TWD version gets updated to 4.1. we have been waiting for a while now. Keep seeing that apps are resigned, but version is still 4.0
  4. Hey @DADi hope all is well. Any update on The Walking Dead Our World getting updated? Game is still down and requires 4.1 do. Hope it's up and running soon!
  5. @DiDA Hope life is good. Any chance of an update to 4.1 for "TWD: OW"? -Thanks 🧟‍♂️+📱= 🤡
  6. Hello all, I am having problems reinstalling the "iosgods non jail broken" app. Today I got the "not verifyed" pop up. I've tried to redownload it on my non jailbroken iPhone 7 (iOS 12.1.4), and I tried to install it from Safari and Chrome. I can get to the "iosgods" forums, but Everytime I try to download the app, it times out. It says web server is down, but I'm here. What Should I do? Thank you!
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