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  1. If someone were to figure out how to bypass some of those measures that'd be awesome.
  2. didn't work for me. I'm on the 6. It said it failed :| and every time I press the go it keeps failing. Do you know what's wrong?
  3. I screwed myself over so hard... looks like I have the shittiest IOS every made yet on my phone with nothing to sweeten it.
  4. This would be very useful for many gamers I think it's a good idea.
  5. I did it with game gem, it's sort of a pain in this ass, but it works. First I recalled all my points, then entered them little by little sometimes it won't stick with the next value (idk why) so you'd have to restart it. Another way is to put in some of the points into skills, but keep 2-4 skill points then use them again then respec points. Just keep doing this until you're at about 30-40 results. Also, that raptor will become a pain in your ass. So will the last area in the game.
  6. Awesome great job, but infinite power credits and alliance credits don't work
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