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  1. Would prefer jailbroken, but wouldn't say no to non-jb
  2. Been doing the event on an account only 2 days old (today is day 2). If you're trying to finish the essence quests: Convert your mid essence until you have FOUR high essence. Then grind out that last high essence. I just got Arang from completing 5 fusions.
  3. It depends on what is enabled and what you are doing. Just having the add on injected shouldn't cause a crash, even having godmode SHOULD BE SAFE (even though it won't do anything). All the hack does is inject something (are prevent something from being written) into memory. Virtually every time there's a patch memory locations will change. Godmode locks a memory location so the value can't be written - who knows what it's locking now. The big problem is when the tweak is injecting a value or augmenting something in memory that shouldn't be messed with - it would be like cancer in your body. If you're really impatient for an update, download blue stacks, load the android version on your pc, grab a memory editor (google game hack memory editor) and start playing around with it. It shouldn't take more than an hour or so to figure out how to stop your toons from losing health. Once I get to the office I can write up a short how to if people can't figure it out.
  4. Fresh account, but experienced player (I use rune optimizer, swarfarm, and my swex proxy runs 24/7). If anyone has an invite or can point me in the right direction please pm me.
  5. Any damage multiplier higher than 3 will cause a crash on first attack
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