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  1. I think it's not bout being reported was log on jb version didn't even play a game and once I reboot to unload jb and started the non jb version it didn't even finish loading and I got ban
  2. well for me it helps a lot for example after choosing which one u wanna download in the iosgod app you will go to the download page perhaps a little heads up in the comment to either inform or trouble shoot would be nice right? or perhaps a button to flag the admin to inform apps that unable to be downloaded or having trouble with btw any chances for the app in menu redesign the flow is kinda not intuitive at times keep up the good work :0
  3. Would be nice if then download page has a comment section I think ?just a suggestion
  4. Lol for the reason most of the new and updated or multiplayer games or app are in x64 I'm using iPhone 5 too using and it's on 10.3.3 works smooth enough for a daily drive unless you have specific tweak you wanna use to stay in iOS 8 just upgrade it then
  5. Was checking the AppStore and it's the same version that's mentioned that needed to be downgraded to wondering if should it still be downgraded ? the first post should be edited to avoid confusion Thanks btw
  6. Hi saw a few jailbreaks posted in the apps section wondering if it's possible to upload the rehelix (64bit)and helix (32 bit) jailbreaks as well since it would make it easier for those on older jbs to not resign every 7 days thanks
  7. Waited for everything to load before pressing the thank you pop up button but the hack won't load no matter how many times I tried , reinstalling doesn't work either any help?
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