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  1. Yes agreed the creator is busy haven't got time to fix it Funny enough the combination of both hacks scares me cause it's that good . Radar + no recoil + no reload + unlimited ammo + no flash + health helmet + armor pants + lifestealer = Neo Aimbot wise one has a more soft lock and less obvious the other has multiple option hard lock might be obvious if they look hard enough lol Would provide a gameplay later once headed back home
  2. Perhaps god mode should be removed cause the game only has pvp and it's quite obvious I think lol thanks
  3. thanks for that so it means u must not pick more than 1 option correct? any example when which option is best pick out of those 3?
  4. after crashing rebooting the game seems to let u continue back to the game but the success has mix result at times btw was testing out running @CyberCat and @Joka hacks together and its awesome lol but using option 1 aimbot keeps twitching head shots scared it might be seen in playback trying out settings now btw Aimbot (On/Off) = this means hard lock? cause locks view on enemy and changing it causes the twitching - Aim Target (Off to make aimbot lock at closest enemy by distance, (by distance u mean distance from the player?) thanks
  5. First install was on a non kickstart jb and first play went very well just I needn't to adjust the sensitivity and then when queuing and about to enter room the game crash tried loading the game same thing happen then I kickstart jb to have a look at crash report (the game crash after entering a room as well in jb) https://pastebin.com/Le3BaPQB
  6. button in the shape of iosgod icon? not seeing any tried on a ios 11.4.1 , 10.3.3 and 9.3.2
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