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  1. You can download GameGem from BigBoss, and it can't be use on all games, especially server-side games.
  2. Download it from hashbang, refresh your sources or remove and readd that sources and try again. Btw, I'm using NewTerm 2 from hackyouriphone.
  3. Hmm, I didn’t try that old version, but seem like your case is really weird, I tried to use both NewTerm 2 and GameGem on different games and it work really well.
  4. You can use this version, as Lord Alucard commented: https://github.com/thilong/GameGemPackages/blob/master/gamegem_0.9.deb
  5. Well, I can't get the old version to work, failed to scan my device when I press at Scan tab.
  6. Do you mean the 2nd method? Nah, It's the temporary fix using NewTerm, you need to open NewTerm to make the GameGem work.
  7. Requirements: NewTerm GameGem 1.5 Tutorial (Step by Step) [Hidden Content]
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