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  1. Update: Yes, it worked for another game. I tried it with SimCity BuildIt. So it seems it has to be something with this game itself. Edit: I tried it with Infinity Blade 1. The same issue.
  2. That could be. Although it says "All Versions". I will try the method for another game and will see if it works there.
  3. Somehow it doesn't work. I have deactivated wifi and game center. Could it be because I haven't bought the game but installed it via .ipa?
  4. Yes, I know the game is old, but it is still good! I have been looking to apply the save game cheats on my unjailbroken iPad 6. It has the newest iOS version (11.4.1). I am using the iMazing method to apply the save files. However after applying the save files the game just sends me back to the tutorial (basically if I had reinstalled the game!). Yes, I have played the tutorial before replacing the save files. I am using iMazing on a Windows laptop. I really hope somebody can help me and I really do appreciate it! Thanks, Aurum
  5. Hey, so I'm Aurum from the US and on this forum to look for iOS cheats for my newly bought iPad and iPhone! I am looking forward to talking to you guys and maybe help and being helped. I am playing PUBG and some other games. My devices are currently not jailbroken but I am looking to jailbreak my iPad if there is a possibility to downgrade from 11.4.1 or jailbreak it straight from 11.4.1. Was nice meeting you and have a nice day/night!
  6. Didn’t work Infinity Blade 3. It lets me restart completely and nothing has changed.
  7. Not working for me. It just sends me to the tutorial again. Basically I just restart the game from the beginning. I have played the tutorial before to create the save game files and I am using the iMazing method on my iPad which is not jail broken.
  8. Doesn't work for me. It just lets me do the tutorial again and having no mod after that. Yes, I have played the tutorial before copying the save files. I used iMazing method on iPad.
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