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  1. still searching for new aimbot code...keep on eye lagi nyari broo...mudah2an dapet
  2. yap..some time you can shoot... and some time you not...depent on your position..sorry bad english... for grafity i dont triying it beafore... maybe you can do some research... ?
  3. yess...just 3$ i have the code..but need to try... maybe soon..keep on eye... lagi gak ada bro...ada sih..tapi bikin eror kamera nya ? mesti di bikin lagi code nya pas landing pesawat...
  4. i putt on topict IGG and DLG...dont see it.. check again but for GameGem i dont find it..may soon IGG and GameGem for jailbreak... but you can get DLG without jailbreak..
  5. massukjk pak eko :v blom ada om...lagi nyari...doain aja cepet dapet ny
  6. OPEN SHASHAME...!!! open the hack for me
  7. you are not waste your time whit following me...and pushing the follow button will not make you fingger tired to


  8. trying to search whit igg.. search falue whit i64 and change all to i64 try to not copying the code...but tapping by yours...sometime there a space between the code, and sometime we cant see it... hope will work and dont forget to check my DLG and IGG topict...i just update and adding some new code on it...?
  9. wich one? trgantung pemakaian sih broo... ada juga yg kebaned akun nya... yg pnting cheat nya jangan berlebihan itu aja...
  10. yooo whats up...what did tou say? will find it soon
  11. try downlod latest Gemgems and newterm...i use newterm 2
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