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  1. Hello, is it possible to save my PUBGM control buttons in a file or something so I can use them on my other device besides taking a screenshot? I’m on iPhone not android
  2. You’ll get ban sooner or later so no point just play legit .....
  3. Pixaloop crashes every time I open the app, like literally as soon as I click it it crashes @DiDA are u aware of this? On going issue for a month now
  4. I’m trying to custom install an app through the iOS God’s app but idk what to put for the bundle id. Whatever I put I get error message sayin something went wrong try again in few hours or contact support if issues continue
  5. What should the bundle ID be if I wanna custom install an app ? I keep getting error message something went wrong try again in few hours
  6. @DiDAjust give up already brother?❤️ 10 cent will always win ?
  7. Hey I did not mean anything I just got to the house I just got off the bus and I’m gonna was your name is coming to your place order and I wanna go get your stuff ready to get it I will get you a check and I can do a good one for ya know I wanna do I gotta go get some stuff done for me your house tonight. ~sorry for my bad English
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