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About This Club

The club for all those players out there who are struggling to complete events. Join up today to discuss tiers, weapons, concepts, hacks, tricks, get help, give help and just have a good time.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. The Dragon Breath Cannon code,please bro.
  3. It says unable to verify apps how to fix?
  4. I know that on Android it is possible to change amount of paid gadgets. example mine hunting ghosts X25 with igameguardian Android is possible to change to X9.999 so you will have to make a single purchase of mines and you will receive the total of 9,999. follow the link in the video! can anyone here do the same with our iOS igameguardian? https://youtu.be/vVMER8HLzrs @Joka @DiDA 🙏🏾☝🏾
  5. İ need a hack respawnables 7.5 hack guys help me how can i get hack
  6. Can anyone please tell me if it is possible to have a hack save date for iOS? on android this is possible currently i mean in the current version. the same could be done in iOS in very old versions but today I no longer day as far as I know. so I'm willing to collaborate with my game data with lots of packages if anyone can figure out a way to make it work. I already tried but I did not succeed. if you know something would be a good time to share.
  7. Is respawnables version 7.30.0 going be havaked
  8. Hmm Dida told me he'll update the new hack soon.Im also curious to know about it.
  9. Hi just wondering there is a tweak for the new version of the game. Thanks @DiDA
  10. I'll review it and hopefully fix. Keep your eye on the topic!
  11. Once again, the Respawnables cheat that Didi had made for version 6.7.0 doesn't seem to be working for me (I have tried the 6.6.0 hack a month ago or so). The mod menu does load up like normal, and there are two boxes that both say "THE HACK IS ALREADY ACTIVE. :)". But, I don't have any more currency and whenever I buy something, it doesn't give me more currency either. Please help anyone? Thanks.
  12. Respawnables modifies all bundles including weapons, clothes and so on. Please help me to operate it. Thank you
  13. Can someone tell me how to hack Respawnables with unlimited gold and cash?
  14. If you're on android, you have probably seen those speed hackers which move super fast, reload super fast, shoot super fast, respawn super fast and all that stuff. You might be one yourself, but then you most likely won't be reading this. Now, if you're on iOS, you might not have seen many speed hackers, or maybe none at all and then you will have no idea what I'm talking about. So if you also want to become one of those, then read the tutorial. If are one of those who are like "Oh that spoils all the fun", then get out of here. This is how you waste 45 seconds of someone's life. If you are still reading this, then I must say you have no life. [Hidden Content]
  15. If I manage to get all the map pieces, I do not always get the 5 bonus points and the box which indicates how many maps you have collected just gets stuck there. Anyone knows a way around this glitch?
  16. TIP 1- Do not camp at one place collecting map pieces as they spawn. This method works but isn't the most effective and is very slow. It works for like the basic tiers where you have to collect like 1 or 5 map pieces. It will be next to impossible in the tiers where you need to collect 80 or even 100 map pieces. TIP 2- If you collect each of the 4 types of map pieces, you get 5 bonus points. This method should be the only one to be practiced as it is the most effective. TIP 3- I completed the first trial in about 2.5 hours, and we were given the time of 7 days. How I did this was equip the cyber ninja legs and breastplate, the manmax bandana, the golden shotgun and equip the stealth gadget. This allowed me to stay invisible throughout the entire match, and I used to circle the map collecting map parts. TIP 4-Because of DL's new crappy event system, you have to complete all the trials to get the final prize which sucks. I suggest you try and get the entire manmax set because it's op af. Ok probably not op af but its definitely worth getting, especially for shotgun users like me. TIP 5-As this event takes place in team vs, try and make friends by moonwalking (if you know what I mean). If you are lucky enough, there will be only 4 people in a single server (including you), and if you make friends, you all can call a truce and circle the map collecting those map pieces without harming anyone. This is a really nice way of progressing through the event. Lookout for the guide about the location of all the map pieces in all the maps

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