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About This Club

Taichi Panda Fan Club Where you Will Provide Your Hack Requirements and IOS Gods Shall Listen & Support!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. I got notified about the 2.9.0 update and upon updating it, I realised I had never updated to the prior 2.8.0 version although I had the folder ready. Must have forgotten completely. v2.9.0 is up now! Enjoy! @BobMeister
  3. Hello Taichi Panda Fans, Hope you are all well ! I thought of sharing a quick guideline that I think it is useful to level up in the game relatively faster than the normal pace. Leveling up in this game is necessary to fully upgrade gear and unlock all of the nifty little features it has to offer, so of course you want to do it as quickly as possible! Leveling up requires XP and gaining XP usually requires work (grind). It is possible to gain some quick XP in this game, but it will cost you precious Constitution points unfortunately (hoping for a hack ) Every level you complete with three stars will give you an Auto-Loot Option when you try to re-enter. Selecting the Auto-Loot option will reward your character with a randomized selection of loot from the level as well as effortless XP. You are allowed to do this action once per level per 24 hours, but it does take away from your Constitution Points (The green bar on the upper left of your screen). **Warning** Every level gives you five attempts to go back and do it over. Auto-loot uses up all five of those attempts (and 40 Constitution points) with one push of a button. It also does not give you credit for the Quests which ask you to complete the same level a second time and getting more chances to go back in the level costs 200 diamonds. To auto-loot, select the World Map Icon (the red banner on the far left-hand side), select any level that you have completed with 3 stars. Let us hope IOS Gods team will help us find an "easier" way to level up and enjoy the game without any constraints ! Many thanks for reading and feel free to share your way of leveling up in the game. Best regards, BobMeister "A Proud IOS Gods Family Member"
  4. Dear All, For new comers to the game, I would like to share a small tutorial that helped me in farming faster in Taichi Panda game that hopefully it will help some of you until hopefully a new updated hack will be out, and they are as per the following: Don't forget about your Gold Instances. While every level can earn you a few coins, Gold Instances are there only to make you wealthy. Each of the World Map's three regions has one and you can visit each one every day. Pickpocketing some innocent strangers can net some easy gold. *TIP* Pick victims that are a level or two below your character. You may not get the shard, but you will almost always walk away with 2600 gold in exchange for 5 fortitude points. If you have Constitution Points to burn, Auto-Looting past three star levels will give you Gold as well as a trove of other treasure. If you aren't three stars in all of your past levels. run through them until you are. Getting straight three star records on all episode levels will earn you a chest full of nifty prizes. If you do decide to rerun some levels, look out for Crates and Vases that can be smashed and looted for extra coins. Some levels also have a decent sized treasure chest at the end. Smelting or Re-forging weapons and armor at the market will get you some coins as well as some other resources like Market Crystals, which you can also exchange for gold if the option is available when you are feeling poor. If you are up for a challenge, Team Instances are great ways for impoverished Pandas with no Constitution Points to make some Gold. As a last resort, you can always exchange precious, precious Diamonds for Gold at the Store. Follow the above tips to get around the game faster and easier Have a lovely day ahead BobMeister
  5. Dear IOS Gods Members, I would love to start my own wish list hoping that all you fans will support and provide your own wish list accordingly. To kick off the discussion, here is my wish list: 1- Diamonds Hack or Free Mall items (This is in my opinion a dream come true if that is possible as I have played the game in the past and spent tons of real cash on it which I regret to this day since it is just a game and a person shouldn't really spend so much money on such an overprices in game purchases) 2- Might Hack (A way to improve might power either by one hit KO or item modification "if possible") 3- No Skill Cooldown 4- Infinite Mana Let us know ladies & gents on your own wish list so that it is being shared with our beloved IOSGods Team that will always support us as long as we support them back. Regards, BobMeister "A Proud Family Member of IOS Gods" Have a lovely day ahead!

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