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  2. Firstly the tweak not having wind is great. BUT - There is a huge problem - 1) 90% of the games have an issue - 2) the opponents are being given the victory when they lose. 3) Games are going into a shootout that the opponent lost - 4) losing games where ball is closer to the pin
  3. Solution don’t use perfect shot lol it’s there server that makes the replay unfortunately:(
  4. It’s not Dida who’s working on it. He just upload it on the server. The person in charge doesn’t know and doesn’t care a lot since he’s not playing the game
  5. Yes it was. This is why people are being banned with this version... you shank a ball and it goes perfectly straight. Very obvious you’re cheating.
  6. Perfect shoot not perfect any more from enemy Replay please check it out dida find solution for it thanks
  7. Perfect shoot versi 32 is not perfect any more dida please check it out
  8. @DiDA People have been banned for the latest hack version because there is no wind and it still shows a slice/hook on the opponent side. For the non-jb vip version to be used without ban, the “no wind” needs to be removed or allow a method to toggle, and opponents need to also see “Perfect shot”. Ideally, if the “perfect shot” could be slightly off from dead-Center, it would shake off speculation. Players in high tours can sniff out this hack with ease. No one can hit dead center perfect shots 3-5 times in a row. I haven’t used this hack because it’s way too easy to catch. Just a warning for everyone using it... everyone knows and you will be banned eventually.
  9. Only for Electra, right? With unc0ver my app is crashing on every start.
  10. Hi guys the updated free version of Golf Clash 2.32.0 doesnt show Perfect Shot on the Enemies screens. Those who play against you see your shots as ,,Sliced” or ,,Hooked” instead of ,,Perfect” as it should be. It makes it too obvious that the game has been modified. So its not safe to use this hack until it will be fixed. Otherwise you risk to be spotted and to be banned by developing team.
  11. iv used it for around 10-20 matches no error no ban so it seems safe but i cant say depends if they have somthing i dont know about but hopfully not
  12. yes somehow i got the check that the server do not to work :?
  14. Don't want to seem impatient, but when might the hacked version become available? Thank you for all that you do Dida!
  15. Once I installed IOSGODS.COM.GOLFCLASH_2.31.0_IPHONEOS-ARM.DEB, the app crashes immediately upon starting the app up. The jailed version works fine, but I'd really like to use the jailbroken version so that i can control when the hack is on vs off. Maybe I'm a noob and the answer is available, but I've searched and looked through various topics.
  16. Is there any websites or hacks to get gems on non jailbroken iPhone
  17. So if your phone is not jail broken I am assuming no? Thank you for the reply
  18. This topic was moved from Golf Clash Discussions to Golf Clash Help & Support.
  19. Is there a way to turn the golf clash hack off in a game so it won’t noticed?
  20. Please use the search bar located on the top-right corner of iOSGods. :) Tweaked & Hacked Games/Apps. No Computer & No Jailbreak Required. iOSGods Jailed App: https://app.iosgods.com/

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