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About This Club

A Club dedicated to Golf Clash players!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Where did you download the app from?
  3. Please help stop pop ups and ads in game play
  4. An early request for v.2.3.0 before they 'force update' presumably at some time soon now that the Winter Slopes Tournament has started. They forced the last update upon us between qualifying and the first round - which did cause a few nervous moments...
  5. why should it be bs? Write me one pm if you would like to hear and see more .
  6. Hello, first sorry for my bad English . It is not my mother language . I have seen or I don’t see how it works but in my clan someone could get everything from shop without buy it . I say to him I don’t believe that . He says give me your email and password . And now I have 17000 gems more . Is this possible and when it’s possible how it works ? Greetings Chris
  7. man there was directly a version for 2.2.9 in the old Discussion. Never took longer than few Hours.
  8. Could you let us no when this release of hack will be thanks been nearly a week now without it 🤦‍♂️
  9. Extended ball guideline for all balls to be max value? Possibly be able to change from perfect shot to SLICE or HOOK shots?
  10. Updating now! https://iosgods.com/topic/44557-ios-12-support-golf-clash-v228-3-jailed-hacks/?tab=comments#comment-1429971
  11. Another forced update for golf clash!! Version 2.2.9 is out! Hoping you guys can work your magic soon.... right in the middle of a tournament:(
  12. Hello, I have this on my iphone8 but would like to know if anyone has made a mod apk for the perfect shot for Android, or is there anything I can change in the apk to modify it myself
  13. Yes I did.... unfortunately I purchased the wrong VIP package. So had to buy the right one. Just a little money wasted, no bi deal 😒
  14. What VIP Status do I need? Just bought VIP but I can’t reply to topic ?? Can you help please?
  15. https://iosgods.com/topic/84410-just-bought-vip-cant-find-where-to-reply-to-topic/
  16. Just purchased VIP status but not able to reveal hidden content. Cannot reply, there isn’t any reply box. What’s the deal? If there required levels of VIP for for hidden content why is this not stipulated before purchase. I’m a bit confused here
  17. hello again...i just bought Vip status and would love to know how to reply and view the hidden content. i cant find where to reply to post. can you help please
  18. is there a jailbreak for ios 12.0.0? last jailbreak i had was 9.3.3 before i bought a new phone.... i would love to know.appreciate your help... thanks
  19. Only for the No Jailbreak version. The Jailbreak version is free.

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