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About This Club

A Club dedicated to Golf Clash players!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hi, Is still this hack supported?
  3. its outdated. i think golf clash has beaten @Rook on this one
  4. Golfclash v.2.38.0 (14/07/20) Can you cheat now? Is it still working well?
  5. Oh? Well I guess for the time being don’t use it on ur main
  6. I dont think you understand.. when using just the perfect shot the opponent still can see the real meter so if you let it go when the actual meter isnt perfect they will notice you are cheating. The hack used to correct it for the opponent to show perfect for them too so it isn't suspicious.
  7. There’s nothing wrong with it lol, cheat description says not to use both options at the same time.
  8. Waiting for you, hero .. What do you think of planning the stadiums so that the player knows where the ball will stand after the impact of the wind on the path of the ball 👍🏼😃
  9. Yeah I guess playdemic won seeing as we can’t get a solid response. It is what it is but it’s such a scummy/fraudulent thing to do not letting us know before getting the hack.
  10. Yeap, the hack is easily detected. You'll be booted out from the game after a notification saying detected suspicious something and stuff hope this will be fixed
  11. It doesn't correct the shot to perfect from our opponents viewpoint and we cant tell where the real shot meter is so we have to guess the timing. It's easy to get reported because if we hit a slice or good instead of perfect its easy for opponent to see its correcting it to perfect. @DADi
  12. It is very detectable. I used it Only three times in over 100 games and my account got flagged it’s not worth even using. It needs to be updated so it’s not detectable If you watch a reply of the shot it will be a max hook or slice but it goes straight. Gets flagged instantly
  13. @DADi can u comment on this? Just let us know if it's something that'll ever be worked on?
  14. Wasted 35$ because theres nothing to make us aware that it is detectable..
  15. https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/notebook-for-golf-clash/id1448143628 Has anyone tried this paid app? Is it worth buying? Does the overlay really help much? Seems a bit pricey for a companion app so just wondering if anyone has any feedback regarding justification of the cost. Thanks

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