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A Club dedicated to the DC Legends players!
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  2. Yes I’m haven problem with the x damage multiply tool if I use 1 shot on raid boss it tells me too late if I try the carnage multiplier it does nothing
  3. I know this is going to get ignored by everyone. the thing is the mod menu hack haven’t auto updated after the latest dc legends update v1.26.6. and @Rook and others have ignored my desperate attempts to contact them. I hope this gets someone’s attention
  4. Is anyone having issues with one hit kill in raid bosses. Or is it just me
  5. Hey all, not sure if this is allowed here or not. But does anyone know of any places that i could sell my account. Ive played this game since it first came out but and haven't touched it in a few months maybe a year and would like to get rid of it. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hack has been updated to the current latest version 1.14.1. Non-Jailbroken now supports iOS 11! Enjoy! Special thanks to @Battousai!

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