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For all those who love talking and playing Dungeon Hunter!
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  2. The latest iosgodapp+ hack is not working for the game anymore the game will banned u and u can see the ban notification on the screen as soon as u login to play the game is there any way to fix this??
  3. @Rook Hi big bro, I download the hack version of dungeon hunter 5 from ios god++ but whenever I get into the game it will pops out that my character is away from the edge of the game.
  4. Hi @Ninjaibis Glad to know about the community here! The game in now at Update 39 and the new features are pretty awesome!!...
  5. Hi fellow hunters, This is my first post here!! DH5 is now going thru unprecedented changes. I don't understand why more ppl aren't into this game. With the new summon skills ans stuff the game is so much fun!! I am on iPhone5S running iOS12.4(Jailbroken by Checkra1n) and I'm looking for a way to get a gem hack into game(I need a million lol.. jus for gears and energy). I have seen the hack available here by Battousai and one posted by dear DiDA, but there is no support for gems in that. Any pointers are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  9. Oh well I mean the super fast attack and speed is more important to me. Thanks for the update ?
  10. What do you guys think of the new update? It's nice and clean I know it's gonna need some getting used too, but the textures for the buttons and the weapon equip section is amazing.
  11. I decided to make my guild once I reached lvl 60 come and join. Make sure your active, grow everyday, and donating. The guild name is KingsTown with a purple tree as the logo.

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