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About This Club

A Club for the Injustice 2 players!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hello, I juste created a new league for iOSGods players only. Join W2TQM5 See you IG
  3. Hello I wanted to join your league but it's full. I created a new iOSGods league, no competition intended. Join W2TQM5.
  4. Hello I wanted to join your league but it's full. I created a new one. Join W2TQM5
  5. Locked This topic is now closed to further replies.
  6. Really love how they Cole up with this mod hack to injustice 2!!
  7. Guys, chill. @Dida has a life, just wait until it comes out here or out on the NO ADVERTISING ALLOWED ! app.
  8. Eu não sei baixar por aqui , se descobrir me avisa kkk
  9. Já tá disponível , você usa IOS ? Sabe baixar por aqui?
  10. Hi @DiDA can u say something about the new update of injustice 2 pls
  11. Have some news about new update 2.5?
  12. So I browsing youtube recently and I came across this video. As of posting this Injustice 2 is in 2.4.1, so it looks like an “unlimited” currency hack is possible. (The person might have spent real money, but I doubt it) Also I have seen numorous people in Arena gaining threat at extremely fast rates, so I’m thinking there is a way to obtain this hack.
  13. Is there any possible way of getting high amounts of coins, energy and gems by some kind of glitch or hack?
  14. the god mode could already be fixed?

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