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A Club for the Injustice 2 players!

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  3. Hey Guys! I made a league with modded members welcome in injustice 2, We are currently on raid 4. Help us grow to raid 6. Currently have 20 members Name: TrapperNoTrappin [TNT] Code: 1V9CPM If anyone knows other modded leagues let me know please!
  4. Joining what i think is this clubs league
  5. Hi everyone im currently in a raid 6 league and my current ttv is 4.8 mil I want to join a raid 6 league were the leader isn’t a condescending prick
  6. Does the Vip hack working with this new update? can anyone confirm that for me please
  7. Wow! with pleasure I will join as there will be a free place
  8. Hello, I juste created a new league for iOSGods players only. Join W2TQM5 See you IG
  9. Hello I wanted to join your league but it's full. I created a new iOSGods league, no competition intended. Join W2TQM5.
  10. Hello I wanted to join your league but it's full. I created a new one. Join W2TQM5
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  12. Really love how they Cole up with this mod hack to injustice 2!!
  13. Guys, chill. @Dida has a life, just wait until it comes out here or out on the NO ADVERTISING ALLOWED ! app.
  14. Eu não sei baixar por aqui , se descobrir me avisa kkk

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