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About This Club

A Club for the Injustice 2 players!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Anyone looking for a mod league for injustice 2 , join here, the league code is 8FT2CP
  3. 8FT2CP I created a new league. Open to ALL god mode users or hackers lol. Join us!! Let’s rule injustice world!!! @Memolok @RedFred124 8FT2CP join Immortals open to all god mode users
  4. Not yet tho, I invited everyone who said that they are interested but only one replied, so that’s two, if you in that will be three
  5. Did you guys ever make a league? If so, I’m down to join
  6. I got enough gold, where’s the discord gonna he at btw because I need a clan and to be raiding
  7. thats three, i will message you guys in dm when we get more/enough
  8. doubt its possible now, it was once with lucky patcher but not now ... not now
  9. there are two versions one, jailbreak free one, then vip one, and then vip non jailbreak one
  10. is the league still working, if yes, how many people ya have?
  11. how many members ya have, and is it still on
  12. well guess , you have to just give it a shot, but i dont recommend going one hit ko way to often, i have seen players get banned for these in similar games with damage hacks
  13. if you are willing to join us/combine , i would be down currently i think i have two players on my side
  14. did you try it again, looks like a ban to me
  15. just follow the instructions text on the game for tutorial, otherwise download the original game and complete tutorial and make sure you saved the game to game center and everything then install the hacked one and play

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