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About This Club

A Club for the Injustice 2 players!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Since I am using the hacked app, Cyborg won’t hit me back so I just get stuck there. What can I do?
  3. I wanna join but I can’t get past the Tutorial!!! Help lol
  4. I know there's always a chance of getting banned but is it safe to use any of those 3? Im scared of using the one-hit ko and Im pretty sure there's a huge chance of me getting banned if I use it in the Arena.
  5. Your account has been banned/suspended. It happened to me and I had to create a new account.
  6. im hanged in login with 100% and cat be log in game menu have anyone tell me what happening?
  7. I have the same problem with my account as the first post what does this mean
  8. I have created a modded injustice league for the people that mod and want to grind the game! Not at raid 6 yet but will get there in no time even if I have to do it myself until people join! 24/7 raids iOSGods- VTFV5T
  9. Reste t’il de la place dans la ligue ?
  10. I completely agree. They don’t care about the players but their wallets. 50$ for a 4 star gold? Anyway, I’d say the VIP version of this hack is 100% worth it. I’ve been grinding the arena and getting all the heros every time they come out. Not to mention campaign is a breeze for XP and the 1000 gem prize for legendary area is a great thing to farm as well. Overall the hack has made it 10x more fair as I can actually get the hero’s instead of 5 hero shards of some sh!tty hero everyday. As for the banning potential, my brother and I have been hacking in arena for 2 days now with no problem or warning. But we just started the game so maybe you should look into it more if your account is years old at this point. Anyway I do recommend this hack and getting VIP for it.
  11. I've been a free to play (everyday) INJ2 player since start. Never considering hacking the game. Since the 3.0 update, WB Games has shown without a shadow of a doubt, that they don't care for their free to players. I was wondering if this V.I.P. membership is a good avenue to take? Especially with signature revoking, IPA downloading, using Impactor, potential for banning, etc. I ask all of you, that understand the commitment of this game and it's potential lose . Thank you for your time and consideration. 🙏🏽
  12. How many days were you using it before you got banned? I’ve been doing it for a day or two with no ban. Should I stop?
  13. No Dude, when you are baned, they send 1 mms on your acount. "You have violated the terms of service". Then, you will be banned :B "
  14. Oh my god i play the new arean😢 When I entered injustice game today the loading was slow and reached 50 percent Then i Get out and I entered again the loading 54 percent I felt there was something wrong Then i read this Notice: When I entered the load reached 54% I Get out and didn't receive a band message Do I have a band?? 🥺🥺
  15. Be careful. Do not use the "One hit kill" in here, or you will be baned
  16. It works with me and Everything is good Thank you🌹
  17. Guys i have a problem i cant enter my game with this new update when the bar of charge its in 51% starts slow download and Charge 100% but the game never enter more pls any help?
  18. There is an updated version but only for VIP members
  19. 3.0 is will be released soon. Just keep an eye on the app. If you’re jailbroken they have it on their auto-updater so that you don’t need to wait.
  20. Hey guys, I`m new here... I was wondering, only VIP can download the latest version of Inustice 2?
  21. Update is coming soon! Be sure to regularly check the official topic on iOSGods or the iOSGods App so you know when it's out. :)

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