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About This Club

A Club for the Injustice 2 players!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Thank you for your answer, I think the same thing
  3. With a higher probability I can say that a ban has arrived, try to write to technical support, I think they will tell you that you used prohibited modes
  4. then a super girl in armor is good for this)
  5. Hello everyone, I created this topic to get information from players. When I launch the game, the application crashes when Game Center connects. Can not open the game I specify I am under ios 13.2.3 no Jailbreak iphone 11 pro. Did you have the same problem?
  6. Was just asking who is the best with the cheats on @quit
  7. Was Aquaman with infinite combo, but fixed, I do not quite understand the essence of your question, you mean who damage good deals ?
  8. 1.Who are the best characters with with infinite skills enabled? 2. Do you combo build with infinite use of skills?
  9. could i tell you the way be success in Champion Arena and just message as private cause i dont want to share, its easy to fix in days
  10. You mean that you're getting an error at the end of a normal arena while being under x50 and stuff like that ? that's really really weird, I've got noo problem so far. We really need a true damage multiplier just like Android has been doing for years now, not a x50 that is a 2500 / hit.
  11. yes, i know the way in Champions Arena, but thats not working in normal Arena
  12. Are you getting these errors in champions arena ? because if so then yes they don’t allow abnormal data, but I was talking about the classic arena, when I use one-hit in classic arena I end getting an error.
  13. how? im tried with x10/20/50, even when use skill only but all of react got error maybe its system error ( their said about arena issues ), maybe its anti hack progress
  14. This is really strange because Android's mod damages doesn't get you an error. Anyway, if there is a VIP here, you should ask on the Thread to get a higher damages mod like 10000 per hit (or maybe ask for a fix for current x20 / x50 that linked and deal 2500 per hit...)
  15. Are you able to use high damage in arena anymore? I was using high damage on android with no issues for weeks. I also saw a method for killing raid bosses using gameplayer or something like it. Does that still work or does anyone use it? The post was from january and I am not sure if it still works.
  16. Since I am using the hacked app, Cyborg won’t hit me back so I just get stuck there. What can I do?
  17. I wanna join but I can’t get past the Tutorial!!! Help lol
  18. I know there's always a chance of getting banned but is it safe to use any of those 3? Im scared of using the one-hit ko and Im pretty sure there's a huge chance of me getting banned if I use it in the Arena.
  19. Your account has been banned/suspended. It happened to me and I had to create a new account.
  20. im hanged in login with 100% and cat be log in game menu have anyone tell me what happening?
  21. I have the same problem with my account as the first post what does this mean
  22. I have created a modded injustice league for the people that mod and want to grind the game! Not at raid 6 yet but will get there in no time even if I have to do it myself until people join! 24/7 raids iOSGods- VTFV5T

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