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A Club for the Injustice 2 players!
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  2. due to the limit of my country,i cannot obtain the injustice2 no jailed,I‘d appreciate it if anyone can send me the mod🥺
  3. when will the new update come
  4. Hey, I’m interested if there’s still a slot for the hackers only league!
  5. Anyone wanna start a league to get High tier raid rewards. Would love to start one. Will be called i0g0ds lemme know if you want to join. Or just join in game. ZDSF6B ID for the league.
  6. Someone gave me some info and if I can use that info to save everyone else, I most definitely will. On injustice 2 mobile, make sure that you always have the anti-ban on. Be careful playing in solo/league raids. To avoid any suspicious detection, allow the opponent to KO at least two of your characters and make sure the character you attack the bosses with are high level. (Like 4-6 stars). The cheats are safe, as long as you use the anti ban. In arena, do not exceed damage mod past 4000. You do not have to let opponent KO your characters. I have not tested champion mode yet. It’s 100% safe in campaign mode since campaign mode is offline.
  7. Is the damage mod safe to use as long as have on antiban? And will my gamecenter connect for my jailbroken phone? I been fearing the use of it, but I really need awards.. I want to just use them in solo raid mode is all
  8. Is there anyway to add the injustice 2 mod to the normal game instead of making a duplicate file. When I download the ipa file and side load onto my iOS it makes a duplicate version which forces me to start again and also no way of saving my progress
  9. If you guys don't have ViP I'm guessing yall are using the non ViP hacks and the problem with this one is that when you load it actually freezes on the loading screen ( I forgot the precentage it freezes on ) but that aside I know a way to fix it, the fix is only temporary if the app restarts you gotta do the process again! Steps : 1) Install App Manager from Cydia // Sileo // Zebra 2) Go into App Manager and erase Injustice 2 Data 3) Load into the game and it should either load in or go up to 99% or 100% and then freeze 4) If that happens you want to kill the application go into Apps Manager and erase the data and try again 5) Keep trying untill it loads in fully. If yall really want to play with hacks and don't want to do this I strongly suggest getting iOSGods ViP and installing Zahir's Injustice 2 Hacks
  10. You gotta uninstall the hacks and then finish the tutorial without the hacks, once you finished tutorial install the hacks again and enjoy! : )

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