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A Club for the Injustice 2 players!
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  2. Anyone mind adding me in discord or any social media to help me with getting the hack for jailbreak?
  3. You can use it, but do not use one hit K/O a lot. They will know if something is up and probably give you a warning if not a ban.
  4. Yes still works, but don't be suspicious. Injustice 2 Servers are very good at detecting hacks/glitches : )
  5. Well, yes and no because the other day, I actually got a warning for using hacks. But it wasn't a warning they just thought something was up and didn't give me any rewards on that battle, You should maybe turn off God Mode but leave everything on also don't use instant kill it may detect, due to the battle being super fast.
  6. Hi everyone! New to injustice 2 mobile. Is the mod safe to use in arena or raids? or will I get banned? Thanks in advance!

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