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About This Club

A Club for the Injustice 2 players!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hello, forming modded league. Join us ! Planing to start with T6-7. Depens how much heroes will join us https://discord.gg/vYwkJf
  3. Can someone atleast give me discord id for the league...i wish to talk to Redfred brother but he last visitet iosgods on 16 june...please
  4. when i applied there were 29 members now there are 30 members but 30th not me 😢, please take me in if possible, i love this game...my id "speed of light" ttv 1mil
  5. Just applied. Had to start fresh because my main account got hit with a ban
  6. @Fckyoshiiit @Spencerdagreat join us on discord first https://discord.gg/6yc7wNJ
  7. I already sent a request in and im going to join on my other account as well
  8. Sounds great, newbie to the game but down to grind 😎 I applied, pls add🙏👍

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