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About This Club

A Club for the Injustice 2 players!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hi everyone! New to injustice 2 mobile. Is the mod safe to use in arena or raids? or will I get banned? Thanks in advance!
  3. Does this method work? Please check and write here
  4. Hey the link is expired. Can you share new discord link.
  5. With every damage multiplier and OHK not working and being banned especially during raids. This is a workaround and it works for League Raids and Solo Raids. Basically you need to have heroes like Primal Swamp Thing or Unbreakable Cyborg who can resurrect one more time after death. Before entering a raid, make sure you turn on OHK and Anti-Ban. Once in battle, don’t do anything and let the enemy hit you. As the heroes mentioned return after being knocked out, they inflict damage onto the enemy without actually killing him. The enemy will be left with only 1HP but don’t finish the job and kill. Instead, let all your heroes die. The next time you enter the raid, you can turn off OHK. Use any hero of your liking and just deliver one hit. This will ensure you clear the raid without getting any suspicious activity. This can be used in Arena too. The workaround is by letting 2 of your heroes get knocked out and allow your last hero to knock out the opponents. This will also negate the suspicious activity. Hope this works!
  6. Hello, forming modded league. Join us ! Planing to start with T6-7. Depens how much heroes will join us https://discord.gg/vYwkJf
  7. Can someone atleast give me discord id for the league...i wish to talk to Redfred brother but he last visitet iosgods on 16 june...please
  8. when i applied there were 29 members now there are 30 members but 30th not me 😢, please take me in if possible, i love this game...my id "speed of light" ttv 1mil

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