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A club for MARVEL Contest of Champions players.

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  2. I can’t believe how long it’s taking
  3. I don’t know why it’s taking so long with no indication of when it will get done.
  4. Hey everyone. I'm still looking for team members for the alliance I've created some weeks ago. We'll keep it as safe as possible and still get a lot of rewards from alliance events and alliance quests. Atm we're only two members. With two other guys ready to join whenever we get enough members. Add me on the line app if you're interested in progressing faster Line id: Bronky4233
  5. I am in! Check your Line Inbox (TheATOMiZE)
  6. Looking for a dungeon partner who is above level 50 in mcoc add me on Line: bronky4233
  7. I've decided that I'll take my chances with an alliance. I've made the alliance myself. We will only be doing AQ as a start. The AQ will only be a realistic AQ to make sure we're not dragging attention. To join my Alliance add me on Line for the info. Add me on line Bronky4233 There are so many bonus rewards and the content becomes so much easier if you do some alliance events. The amount of bonus stuff you get from that is important to progress faster. That is why I've made the alliance
  8. Already been updated on the iOSGods app.
  9. I cant log in with. The game when i try click official topic iT glitches me screen kinda and the cheat dienst work
  10. Need someone to play Dungeons with. add me on Line app, or write me ur mcoc name here ✌️ Bronky4233
  11. Anyone else who wanna play with me? add me on line or write or mcoc name to me 😁
  12. Looking for players to do Dungeons with me. I might even wanna create an alliance for some of us. I want to do it with you guys because I ofc use the hack and only want friends who does the same. In case of an alliance. I only wanna do AQ, but not above a realistic point. I think AW is top risky. add me on Line id: Bronky4233
  13. Anyone wanna play dungeon with me? pm me
  14. I've been looking for the file to download for some time in the updated mcoc non-jailbroken version. Where can I find the download link for the mod?
  15. @Marcell0923hey dude which hack using ? ı am using energy hack, u think any risk ?
  16. Is there a full hack Alliance in this community? Think it would be smart to make one to get the rewards from Alliance events. I'd think we could make one and not participate in AW. Since we would get busted quickly upon doing that. AQ on the other hand should be durable, as long as it's not AQ map 6 or smth. Anyone up for an alliance?

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