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A club for MARVEL Contest of Champions players.

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  2. i always use AI doesnt block. but enemy not use quickly sp. enemy want cheat to use sp1 or sp2 quickly.
  3. How did you kill Spiderman in the legend maze because all the shots are lifting?
  4. Don't use hack on arena, you will get banned! tried to use it on arena, first i got 1 week ban, second time around i got one month ban, and I'm sure the third time around will be a permanent ban...
  5. 1.Don’t do the labyrinth of legends while at lvl 55 or down. Use high lvl characters. Not low. 2. No use cheats on aw or aq they will know. 3. Do realm of legends at lvl 40 or higher with characters u need cause ur not gonna beat wolvie without reverse heal characters 4. Beat collector and get uncollected at lvl 40. 5. Don’t tell anyone ur hacking or they will report. 6. Don’t make it look like ur hacking. i followed all these and didn’t get ban and I’m a high level too soo follow these rules and you’ll be good
  6. Yes you can I’m using it on an alt account to farm up AQ but I wouldn’t use it on your main
  7. Did anyone use this mod for AW or AQ and not get banned ?
  8. Golds and units would be awesome if we can get them. This game is a rip off, please help us. @DiDA
  9. Can you give, details, how you used to use the hack? Have you won the opponent with 0 hits ?
  10. Same here it sucks I tried taking damage to avoid suspicion but it didn’t work
  11. This topic was moved from Discussions to Help & Support.
  12. Since the new update came out I can no longer use the hack since I need to update the game pls help
  13. When ever your opponent is higher rating try to play without hack. If you loose , at lease it is safe . But if you win you win
  14. I have recently installed the hack and I have a good account... suggestions on how to not get banned?

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