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A club for MARVEL Contest of Champions players.
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  2. If your phone is jailbroken you can install app manager
  3. Please provide more information with your support topic otherwise it will have to be removed.
  4. Why do I crash randomly before and after certain battles?
  5. I'am 54 lvl , can I get banned for completing grandmasters gaunlet with hack?
  6. Hello! An update will be coming as soon as possible! Be sure to regularly check the official topic on iOSGods or the iOSGods App so you know when it's out. :)
  7. So I recently got banned on one of my accounts for 168 hours and the ban screen makes it impossible to go on another account. I’ve tried a new games centre and apple id but it does not work. I’ve heard you can delete game files however I’m not sure how you can do that
  8. Abused the mod only till around act 1 and 2, reduced settings for act 3 and played legit through act 4. Cureently sitting at 4.2. My highest is a 4* Ultron 2040 rating. Is it possible I beat maestro with mild adjustments to dmg and shield or should I beat him legit? My account is level 23 so Im scared Kabam would ban me for completing act 4 so soon. Ive used only ultron to fight all champs in the quest 4 without mods. Am I at risk? The mod menu I am using is black mod
  9. Does anyone have an alliance with only iosgods players? I can create one if no one has it
  10. What do you know .. I have had 3 accounts banned already
  11. Is there a one hit KO Mod? I want to 100% abyss of legend but don’t have to hours to spend on it
  12. Is there a new updated version of the non-jailbroken hack?
  13. Hey everyone Has anyone tried to do abyss with hack? Want to know if it will be safe to do or if it’s heavily checked. I know some of the Variant quests are
  14. Is the Ai doesnt attack on non jailbroken marvel contest of champions detected? For variants and story quests. Im on act 6 currently
  15. Unable to buy units when I redownload the app from the App Store is this due to using the hack? Can’t seem to fix it
  16. Is this still going on, down to join an alliance i am level 50 with 6 star human torch and cull and 5 star hit monkey and collausus. Hit me up! Line ID: MrFormidable
  17. I dowloaded the game from Iosgod app but when I try to open, it says “Failed to Login, an unknown error has occurred. Please try again later’ I can still login from main game app so my account isn’t banned. Mods, Please help

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