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About This Club

A club for MARVEL Contest of Champions players.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Can you give, details, how you used to use the hack? Have you won the opponent with 0 hits ?
  3. Same here it sucks I tried taking damage to avoid suspicion but it didn’t work
  4. This topic was moved from Discussions to Help & Support.
  5. Since the new update came out I can no longer use the hack since I need to update the game pls help
  6. When ever your opponent is higher rating try to play without hack. If you loose , at lease it is safe . But if you win you win
  7. I have recently installed the hack and I have a good account... suggestions on how to not get banned?
  8. Hello to all the members I'm looking for a strong alliance or members that are interested in making one. We need an alliance for us only hackers Thank you Send me a message
  9. Read our "How to unlock/reveal the hidden content" topic: https://iosgods.com/topic/3762-info-how-to-unlockreveal-the-hidden-content/
  10. This is my first time using modded apps but the mod isn’t showing how do I make it work?

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