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A club for MARVEL Contest of Champions players.

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  2. the game kicks me out when playing the final boss for event quest. why does it do that?
  3. I'd imagine it would be very similar to LoL considering the first fights in variant are against 20k+ pi champs. I wouldn't risk it
  4. Hi, did someone of you using the cheats at the new Utrn event? Or is this like Labyrith of Legends where you get quickly banned ?
  5. Only if you abused it and get reported by other players.
  6. use hack 1 month then get ban。is it banned in 1month for sure?
  7. Already done! Download from the official topic on iOSGods.
  8. That would be awesome because my iPad force updated to 11.4.1, so no more Jailbreak there.
  9. Hmm yeah. I would like to make an Android counterpart.
  10. Just wondering if anyone knows where I can find a working up to date Android Mod for Mcoc because the ones here are about a half a year behind on updates.
  11. i always use AI doesnt block. but enemy not use quickly sp. enemy want cheat to use sp1 or sp2 quickly.
  12. How did you kill Spiderman in the legend maze because all the shots are lifting?
  13. Don't use hack on arena, you will get banned! tried to use it on arena, first i got 1 week ban, second time around i got one month ban, and I'm sure the third time around will be a permanent ban...
  14. 1.Don’t do the labyrinth of legends while at lvl 55 or down. Use high lvl characters. Not low. 2. No use cheats on aw or aq they will know. 3. Do realm of legends at lvl 40 or higher with characters u need cause ur not gonna beat wolvie without reverse heal characters 4. Beat collector and get uncollected at lvl 40. 5. Don’t tell anyone ur hacking or they will report. 6. Don’t make it look like ur hacking. i followed all these and didn’t get ban and I’m a high level too soo follow these rules and you’ll be good

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