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  1. I think my app is still revoked but I appreciate what u guys do for this community I’ll keep being patient to wait for the email 

  2. So it’s about to be a month and the game hasn’t been updated when is it going to be?
  3. As title says the app rogue blazing ninja hack needs to be updated will it be updated anytime soon? Thank u for reading this again in advance
  4. I don’t know how to install it I just got it how do I install the plus app
  5. Hey I can’t access it I’m looking for someone to hack my account would that be possible if u can help me out? I don’t have a jail broken device
  6. Hi there when will it be updated to jailbreak iOS 13.3.1?
  7. Hi there I’m trying to get all of the story from the free app which says free ipa what does that mean? And how can I get the other chapters
  8. For me I haven’t been able to able to download any kind of apps since Novemberand sorry for the 2 months just feels like it’s been longer than 3 weeks honestly didn’t even know it’s been 3 weeks and what method is that do u have any tutorials posted?
  9. As title says been almost 2 months now and can’t download anymore apps? What’s the reason for it when there’s constantly new apps being added and updated as well
  10. Hi there I was wondering when would the angry birds transformers app be updated? It keeps asking to be updated to play it and I’m really eager to play. New to asking for an update to the app but any response will help thank u for taking the time to read my question for the app. Keep up the good work by the way
  11. It’s the same with viva video pro and dokkan battle
  12. Same issues here I tried downloading the viva video and the dokkan battle and nothing st all app downloaded but it shows as the iOS gods app logo then app name but won’t open
  13. Hi there i can clearify it for u i got the same thing as well 720 hour ban for doing uncollected tested it on a dummy account yes u will get the account back in 30 day after that dont use the ios app anymore on it go to -- Not Allowed -- search it up and download thier mcoc mod on there and use only x18 defense and x5 attack been using it for 6 months now and im still good i even use it on event quest but dont use it on arena or on a legends run for new content wait for a week then do it and the -- Not Allowed -- app is for android heads up
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