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About This Club

General Discussion Club. Post whatever tickles your interests. What Amazes You?! Appropriate Memes are welcomed! • Be mindful and respectful and don’t post anything that will violate any rules.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. I like football, the one where you kick with your foot
  3. Been excited about the 2020 season, since there actually is one!! Lol anyone a fantasy football buff?
  4. Welcome to those who are new! Thank you all for joining!! 😊
  5. Hey!! Welcome! Some of the more popular ones are Archero, Last Day On Earth. If you’re into Harry Potter, the Hogwarts Mystery hacker version gives you a ton of gems that you can take into the unhacked version. Just like Sims does if you link it to your Game Center! Lol!
  6. Hi I'm new What hacked games do y'all recommend? I'm trying Sims Mobile
  7. So there has been a slow start to this club, which is OKAY! Let’s not be discouraged! I’ll continue to post, and I hope you guys do too! Thank you all for joining.
  8. Something to start your day with something funny!
  9. That’s it keep popping in, more will definitely be added!!
  10. Hey! So, I’m messing with different features and settings while I figure out how to put this place together. So bare with me while we’re up and coming! And keep checking back!! If y’all want to start a discussion, you’re more than welcome to! 😊😊 WELCOME!!
  11. • Please Be Kind and Respectful. We all come from different places and all have different backgrounds. Let’s encourage each other and build each other up. This general discussion thread is meant for entertainment. But ensure the content is appropriate. • THERE ARE NO “NSFW” tags. If it’s inappropriate, it will be removed and as such, you’ll be removed as well. This isn’t Reddit. If you want Reddit, go to Reddit. • Please monitor the use of profanity. The first rule talks about respect, keep that in mind. • I reserve the right to remove an individual, and their posts, at anytime; when their actions are deemed as inappropriate, crude, cruel or offensive. And without notification.
  12. On July 21, 2020, something amazing happened. The Club Began. What originally started as a small group who laughed and loved and cried with one another, quickly grew into an organization, large enough to branch off and form an independent nation. This nation would one day amass the numbers necessary to achieve their ultimate goal of global domination and mass genocide under the pretense of “population control”. #0-100 jk I’m not trying to rule the world, too much responsibility!

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