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A club dedicated to Grim Soul players!
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  2. hello, the game's hack isn't working. please check
  3. Hey Guys have you found some values Worth to change? when i try searching for Float Game crashes
  4. I've defeated the gatekeeper and gotten the key but haven't gotten the map/location which apparently is supposed to happen pretty early on, does anyone here remember how they got it? I wasn't sure if it was related to the mod or not cause I know events don't spawn with it so maybe something related to that? Thanks
  5. Hello! An update will be coming as soon as possible! Be sure to regularly check the official topic on iOSGods or the iOSGods App so you know when it's out. :)
  6. I was wondering when the next update will be released, I downloaded and tried playing today and it says I need to update to play. (current hack is only 4.1.0 and game needs updated to 4.1.3)
  7. Do you guys wish to see feautures like jailbreakon verison just head react or reply do author can see and hope it happens have a great day all
  8. I want to know why after I download it through sideloadly, it will flash back when I open it.The ipa is the latest version
  9. In that case you will have to wait until author/ maker update it , use search bar then search for game you download and mention author to let him update it Also if you mean grim soul make sure to remove old deb / ipa then instal / download new one
  10. Thank you for replying.. When I open the game, there is a message that shows.. There is a newer version available please update, when I click on it it takes me to the Apple store.. I wanna be able to play with the mods.
  11. Hiii if you mean it says app no longer available , you just need to use sign it again with sideloadly is that what you mean ?
  12. Can't play anymore it says I need to update.. Any ideas for what to do?
  13. Just to let you guys know, I seem to be able to log in into the game again with my old account. Idk if it was a ban or a bug. But now I can log in. thanx
  14. 舊帳號一職連不上去 用新帳號能登入遊戲=被禁止
  15. cannot connect my account am i ban ??
  16. 我最近也一樣的問題 新賬號可以登入 舊賬號一直登入不了
  17. Can't seem to log in with my account, even using the non modded app, I've reinstalled a few times but I keep getting the "server could not be reached error". When I try to log in with a new account everything works fine. Does anyone knows a workaround for this ban? I've had this account for many years now 😢😢😢😢

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