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About This Club

A club dedicated to Grim Soul players!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Every time I have to reinstall grim soul I lose all my process... I am connected to Game Center but still. Have to strat again... anyone else have issues with losing everything and starting at beginning after updated and reinstall????
  3. 😋oof how am I supsd to hav fun if ain’t no one gona talk? U guys got any tips or tricks up ur sleeve?
  4. Any update for this game hack? Please. Thank you!
  5. Im using version 1.2.1 hack, and i realized events like Fallen Knight or Broken Cart didnt appear for me anymore and i think 1-hit-kill can be applied for monster too, it killed me in 1 hit and if i use unlimited craft points i can not enter any location plus, if i touch things like cart or stable, i will be poisoned to death
  6. Update: if you’re on iOS 12 using th Unc0ver jailbreak: you can turn your phone off then on, effectively loosing the jailbreak. run the game, enter a location and leave, close the game completely, run the game and should be connecting/working again then re-jailbreak with Unc0ver Otherwise if you’re on iOS 11 using the Electra Jailbreak: using Cydia: download NoSubstitute, toggle grim soul, so no tweaks will load, run the game, enter a location and leave, close the game completely, then toggle off grim soul in NoSubstitute, run the game and should be connecting/working again. Good luck
  7. @DiDA excuse me, could we have any update please?
  8. Yes I have the same issue as well, not sure what is causing this to occur...
  9. Hello, I tried 1.1.1 modded, and load old process, when game is opened, I cannot enter any location, besides, all items in my bag have a lot amount and it's look buggi. Is anyone has the same issue? and how to fix this? Updated: a lot of issue, cannot collect resource, cannot chop tree or digging stone mine, cannot loot, always crouch. Please fix. Thanks.
  10. My work now I uninstalled re installed and disable localliap it work but every time I enable the joka hacks game crashed
  11. No I don’t think there is a fix i know it’s not a ban I’ve seen it happen in a few other games a file was created that sticks in your file system I just have no clue where to find the file tho
  12. Update is coming soon! Be sure to check the topic & iOSGods regularly so you know when it's out. :)
  13. Any news on hack for update to v.1.1.1?
  14. I was thinking there was maybe a keychain or file that I need to delete on Filza that was created when I attempted to buy an iap idk I just don’t understand file system and was looking for guidance
  15. this is not working. reset -1865683440. It is negative coins.
  16. Free in app purchase is disabled in grim Soul modded hack. So you won’t be able to make any purchases using the modded hack. Use the regular app to make purchases. There shouldn’t be any connection issue. Maybe try to reinstall the modded app and restore your Game Center account and see if that helps.
  17. I downloaded The hack for grim soul and it was working flawlessly for 10 mins and Then I tried to use iapfree it gave an error the crashed and now I cannot connect to the server at all i uninstalled the game and signed out of iTunes/game center and restarted my phone and then redownloaded the game and it still won’t connect what am I doing wrong does anybody know thanks
  18. That's true... Make the x32 cheat is as easy as pressing a button when the x64 cheat is done?
  19. Yes but considering not many people are using x32 nowadays and even Apple is moving away from it, it’s becoming more irrelevant.
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