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A club dedicated to DRAGON BALL LEGENDS players!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Can anyone post an updated list for individual fighters as well?
  3. How to Currency/Chrono Crystals Hack
  4. Just start installing this hack, it's great. 1. It's annoying when I Transfer Data from one idevice to another but the game said that I have to wait for 24hr. How can I bypass it? 2. I have duplicated the game, so that I can make in-game purchases from the official game. But if there is such 24-hr waiting requirement, it's truly a pain! Any ideas to solve these issue? Thanks.
  5. Wait Will The Free VIP version Still Be Free?
  6. Hello everyone i wanted to ask if anyone was expierencing the same thing as me ,randomly sometimes a small blinking linux mouse would apear in in middle of screen asn keep bilnking in middle then after half and our disapear and then a few month would pass until it would reapear if not more. Here's a screenshot:https://imgur.com/a/gVhDU42 EDIT:It happens in every game that you play on Bullsh!t 3N did anyone else play something on this emu and had that mouse appear in the middle screen
  7. Oh great. let me try this game out. Hope it's fun game! Thanks!
  8. is the game going to be in japan language or i can have it in english? if you can have it in english is the same game i presume, same menus same everything. am i wrong?
  9. I downloaded this game on my iPhone 6 running iOS 11 and it works perfectly fine, my issue is with my iPad... my game gets stuck and stays in the loading screen. My iPad is running iOS 11.1 and is pretty new, I would like to know if there is anyone having the same issue or if there is someone who knows how to fix the issue. Thanks ?. edit: I forgot to mention that my iPad is jailbroken, I don’t know If that has anything to do with it. The only reason I don’t use the jail broken hack is because I can’t get the game to download when I click install inside Filza.
  10. Regarding of the One-hit kill, is it possible to disable the function? I don’t understand how to enter the value inside the box and tap on the switch? One more thing, is it One- hit kill mode for PVP when I’m using the hack version?
  11. @cQel yes. It's running on one big worldwide server called Google Cloud
  12. So if i use Jap version will i still be able to play with players one the worldwide version?
  13. Using the Japanese version if you want a free version, otherwise buy vip.
  14. Mod Requirements: - Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. - Cydia Impactor. - A Computer Running Windows/Mac/Linux. Hack Features: - Disable Enemy Attacks - One-Hit Kill - Linked with the enemy. Please enter your value inside the box and tap on the switch to enable/disable! - No Swap Cooldown - No Vanish Cooldown - No Ki Cost - Auto Complete All Challenges - All challenges will be completed after a match. All features work on PvP. (No VIP Subscriptions Required)
  15. Good question. I don't see any documentation on their website regarding this.
  16. How to add friends and send friend request

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