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A club dedicated to DRAGON BALL LEGENDS players!

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  2. i updated my phone few days ago @DiDA, @Joka you guys have any plan for supporting ios 12.2?
  3. Please update the Dragon Ball Fighting Legend that Japan has not escaped from prison 1.3.1. Hope the enemy can not move.
  4. Does anyone know of a hack were you can get free Chrono Crystals?
  5. That is going to jailbreak. I hope to download directly from iosgodsapp.
  6. 我可以上传敌人无法攻击的版本到iosgodsapp吗?或者没有越狱版多点功能。
  7. Need not escape from prison.thank you Need not escape from prison thank you
  8. It doesn't matter. Because I use iosgodsApp. I hope that the Japanese function can be more. Thank you very much.
  9. I don't understand what you mean. I just want the enemy not to move. Thank you very much. JP dragon ball legend
  10. Can we change it to that the enemy can't move? JP dragon ball legend
  11. Yikes i thought it was i could somehow get chronocrystals like in shop free, thats was why i was concerned about it thank you so much for replying fast
  12. Currency/Chrono Crystals = When you clear mission you'll complete all challenges without completing and you'll get all currency or whatever they are
  13. Please help i installed the db legends mod on the ios gods app and on one of their features says currency/chrono crystal hack what does it means and how it works?
  14. Can anyone post an updated list for individual fighters as well?
  15. How to Currency/Chrono Crystals Hack
  16. Just start installing this hack, it's great. 1. It's annoying when I Transfer Data from one idevice to another but the game said that I have to wait for 24hr. How can I bypass it? 2. I have duplicated the game, so that I can make in-game purchases from the official game. But if there is such 24-hr waiting requirement, it's truly a pain! Any ideas to solve these issue? Thanks.
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