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A friendly club for PUBG Mobile players.

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  2. You’re using an old deb. Please remove the tweak from cydia and install the latest deb. Make sure you do a clean remove + respring, install and respring again.
  3. I only have one X-ray button just the one X-ray. Thanks.
  4. Added new X-Ray 2 (Perfect Sky) tutorial. Keep trying and you will get it. Try both method that I've shared.
  5. Hello, As mentioned on the topic. You must be on Wi-Fi for it to work.
  6. How the f*** you expect us to log in when it’s keep freezing?? Like remove the verification I’m tired keep pickin. A damn pic for it to keep freezing every time fix your sh!t man wtf
  7. Am i using the wrong version or dont xray work? Cheers.
  8. FPP ONLY PM me your name or character id in game! I'll add you! We will get to conqueror soon! // Gửi tên hoặc ID nhân vật trong game! Cùng nhau đua rank lên Conqueror! FPP thôi nha! TPP nó hack lên cao nhiều quá rồi!
  9. Check your storage. If there is low storage it usually stops on Extracting Package. You can fix it by rebooting your device and make sure you have around 3GB of storage left.
  10. If anyone wants to get ass beat, add me (alt account for cheating lol) and we can 1v1. And no cheats are allowed so it'll be more fair. Btw my KD is 35 lmfao Name: Tjaboro
  11. 7 days before it sideload through cydia impactor but today it stopped working so i am trying to sideload again but its getting stucked on extracting package everytime...
  12. @Ray.SingSing. it's just crashing during playing I'm not toggling any option in the havk i just activ hack that i want and when playing it's crush so I'm using now the old version of hack without speed and xray2 it's work good without crashing during the play im using iPad air2 11.3.1 electra
  13. As for this, I can’t do anything about it. As of my knowledge, the developer of X-Ray probably set a NOP function blocking off rendering of wall with or without view distance. Request can be done in request sub thread. im writing this for the sake of guiding on usage of igmm in this particular game. Sorry mate
  14. do you want to the wall mount, which you can be seen of the enemy. real wonderful if you can be done to view the Wall, not to all all Wall.
  15. I’m using Global version. If you’re using China 0.7 that comes with the similar hack, it will work as well. X-2 is suppose to be off during most of the time, you use it only when you’re entering new zone or finding enemy whereabouts. X-ray is meant to be wall-less and clean. Do take note.
  16. too currency. I can't determine the walls Continuous must enable for view through the Wall
  17. I don’t have that version for pubg, where do you get it?

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