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For those who love good o'le Tekken. Club includes - Q&A, arcade stick reviews, how to play characters, Frame data and ETC..
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  2. Evo is returning to the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 3-5, 2018.
  3. Hori FS3 Review My Review: I think that this is not the type of arcade stick to start out with, always save your money for the best. Aside from that, this stick is well made, it is made out of metal, and some plastic counter parts. It's very durable and heavy, but has some comfort issues, a little handspace will give you some claustrophobic thoughts. The buttons are clumsy, some of the buttons are hard to press and some are light, you'll have to press all the way to get it working. It's moddable but only the lever part. Probably Korean parts won't fit but SANWA JLF will get the job done, get it with Octagonal gate restrictor if your buying a SANWA JLF Links: [Hidden Content] Video Review:
  4. Hori RAP 4 KAI Review My Review- I personally love this stick, and it's the best you can get for a starter stick, I'd say at least mod this with Korean parts or whatever you prefer the best. I would recommend this to a friend because it's so moddable, and it has a unique design, very long and big, but not heavy. pros: -Very Comfortable -Good for your lap -Very Moddable -has rubber mat on bottom so it won't move away while play at your desk -Side buttons Extras like select, R3, L3, Menu, ETC.. -USB Compartment Cons: -Very light -Plastic frame -Bad buttons (kuro) -Removable USB compartment door -1 frame of lag, I really don't know if it does Links: [Hidden Content]
  5. Ayye I'm back and running, I've been really focused on school lately so I'll be finishing up setting this club Tah Tah!!
  6. Totally but only if you button mash well like when using Lilly or that cat girl thing lol Hello all! I think the coolest thing about tekken now is the ability to change the way the characters look. I wish the items used on the fighters weren't limited to particular things for particular characters! But I still love the game playing on PS4
  7. Does button mashing consider me a pro
  8. This is a Club for Tekken players like my self, but also for newbies who want to learn Tekken and it's fundamentals. This club provides the the fallowing: -Q&A -Frame Data -Arcade stick reviews -Match ups -Character quick notes -Videos Tips -Tournament Dates -Tekken Events This club is for Tekken generally, all Talk about all Tekken games, so let's have fun playing!!! -Club Leader- Kazelxl All posts that are not related to all Topics will be Deleted

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