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  1. :o omg your profile is awesome :)

    1. Samollthecamel


      thanks. yours is awesome aswell

    2. display_name


      Ah I wish, I need to learn how to add all those awesome things you did like signatures and whatnot!

    3. Samollthecamel


      yea they are cool aren't they :) they aren't hard to make, just a quick search and you will be lots of tutorials. Your talking bout the photoshop ones right?

  2. Game gem can be downloaded from Cydia---> I've noticed that several SquareEnix games can be "hacked" using game gem one in particular that I enjoy playing is Chaos Rings III Game gem reads and writes directly to game files for as long as the "game app" is open it's surprisingly fast for many large games. Game Gem can be used to increase the in-game currency needed to buy items in the game and to obtain more tickets needed to draw ability cards. You can modify your attack damage, defense, and ability timer as well I've personally used it on nearly every Final Fantasy (Cannon games not tested with Dissida OO, Exvius, or Mobius). I think it can work also with some server side games, modifying actor values being read by the game. Dose anyone else have any experience with Game Gem if so please share
  3. I don't know why I didn't follow you before <3 My bad :D

  4. Not wishing to sound like a piece of poop, I've just noticed there isn't yet an ios 9.3.3 jb yet I know apple pushed out new devices with newer firmware specifically tailored to those devices but I keep my old devices and I'm currently jb on iphone SE with the aforementioned ios version. After 10 rolled it out it seems that the development or the wish to develop a(n) untethered jb stopped... Are there any newer version that are untethered and if so which, if not then speculate with me as to why that is. ***If this forum doesn't follow guidelines I apologize*** Just wanting to start a conversation
  5. Hello random person! 

      Here's a free virtual double high 5! (Or whatever this means )


    1. Samollthecamel


       ?? straight back at ya!

  6. I think this is great! It's interesting to see how popular this site has become in such a short time! Is there a visit counter widget that I don't see on my tiny iPhone screen =o? #1up
  7. Totally but only if you button mash well like when using Lilly or that cat girl thing lol Hello all! I think the coolest thing about tekken now is the ability to change the way the characters look. I wish the items used on the fighters weren't limited to particular things for particular characters! But I still love the game playing on PS4
  8. It's amazing to be apart of this community and see so many talented people sharing their skills and knowledge! I've been a member here for some time and while I don't know too much about modding games on iOS or android devices I know a bit when it comes to creating mods for PC games! I am very active on the Skyrim nexus feel free to check out my mods there VValentour. Thank you all for having me
  9. Ios 9.3.3 Iphone 5s Works I downloaded the file with my MacBook and then transferred the file to my icloud ​from there I used filzila to install the file and then respring. ​Spring Board crashed on startup and the safemode message appeared I restarted when I was prompted ​The hack worked when I enabled it in the menu and then started the app. ​For those having issues with the app not working after you need to check and see what other kinds of tweaks you have installed anything that enables force touch on older devices will cause the hack to crash. There is some kind of file system modification that happens and I'm not sure what it is but it interferes with the Hack.
  10. Yeah after I went back and read I lol'ed so hard at myself! Thank you anyway got your awesome work!
  11. I am having this issue too I am on iOS 9.3.3 I think maybe another one of our tweaks is messing with the file? But that shouldn't be the case...
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