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An exclusive club for Rules Of Survival players! You can discuss and share anything related to the game in here!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. You guys know how to do the no recoil bug in rules of survival(mobile)? A lot of top players are using it to easily kill other players.
  3. Gold 2 my IGN is SUXatROS ? I cant aim fast/well.
  4. In my opinion they should leave it like it is mods are good and all but they ruined the game mechanics.
  5. The lowest rank possible I’m pretty bad at the game.
  6. Yeah I’m betting there is a bunch of hackers in that game it’s not even fun no more.
  7. Last PUBG update was a 6.2GB update and all it introduced was keys to unlock crates. 1 key costs ~$1.5 or $2.5...
  8. 8x8 km XL map. 300 players per match. 5 players squads. New drivable vehicles. The hype.
  9. I don’t know if any hacks at this time but there must be something as loads are getting ban.

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