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An exclusive club for Rules Of Survival players! You can discuss and share anything related to the game in here!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. @Pogiko09 please and thank you could you PM me in this account this is a android
  3. No it’s not ur fault u did a great job
  4. But I can’t see the link to download maybe the topic is for vip subs already that’s why I can’t see the hidden content
  5. I see ur post but I can’t reply in the comment maybe that is for vip only
  6. Maybe they don't want u to post the cheat
  7. Let’s play just one game im Asia server what is id number i can add u
  8. I posted the hack but im still waiting for dida or any moderstors to approve it
  9. Hahaha youre lucky to have an adroid device. Also the hack is updated everyday and its undetected
  10. Of boss thank you android user here im so excited lol being cheater player is cool and advance lol
  11. For ios you need filza or ifile so you need to be jailbroken to have those file manager but if you have an adroid device just download es file from google store . For android device i have to pm on how to do it cuz not alot of user here uses android devices. Im not sure if this hack will be posted on vip jailbroken device but if it does then you have to be a vip member but if you have an adroid device i can just pm you for free. I just need to get approve by dida
  12. Any requirements What if I subscribe again for VIP access could I download right away
  13. Yeah im just waiting for dida to come online . Once im approve then i can post it here
  14. What server are u boss maybe we can play together
  15. Boss pogi it's me I hope admin can give yah approval
  16. Im still waiting for approval from the admins or staff
  17. If u don’t mind could u give a tips how to install or teach me is more better lol
  18. Well, for android devices no need for rooted cuz android devices is built with file manager IOS doesnt.so thats why you need jailbroken devices to be able to download filza or ifile cuz ios doesnt built with file manager.
  19. Yes sir galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 Plus but both is non rooted and non jailbreaking could you help me actually im vip non jailbreaking subscribers but i forgot my pw can’t recover if you see this name joriel in the comment before that’s my account but I can’t use anymore

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