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An exclusive club for Rules Of Survival players! You can discuss and share anything related to the game in here!

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  2. @Pogiko09 invite me to your Channel/server my name is Em in discord we’re friends already
  3. lmao . this hack gets updated everyday . so even if someone make a tutorial about it its only good for 1 day.
  4. bruh if u share ros cheats ur friends will share it and the loop will go on until ros dies just imagine one guy makes a tutorial about this hack, it would blow up from 1% ros ios hackers to 40% in notime its not worth sharing a hack that only a few certain people know
  5. well i dont post here anymore. i have a discord group . thats where i post .
  6. @DarkVGold why u here spying cheater lol or u a good cheater already Hahahaha so share it
  7. bruh ik but if it spreads in the ios community ros would be unplayable
  8. I’m a member of this site that why we here to share every single hack and to learn lol @DarkVGold
  9. bruh stop giving out free ios ros cheat once they find out people can hack on ios they will patch it if it spreads rip then
  10. @Pogiko09 did u update ur ros to ultra how is it I never tried mine
  11. Hi guys how’s the new update
  12. Hi how about today still safe to use that cheat
  13. Hi Darrell there’s ros update today so the files is auto updated or need new files ?
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