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Help/Support Clash Royale private server

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hi, any tutorials for create own private server clash royale? on this forum I found this: 

but it's outdated and not working for me. Please help :) (Full tutorial)



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On 2.10.2017 at 12:48 AM, KDB2003 said:

Try googling?

I googling and too nothing. 

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    • By foxdevil
      Hey guys, at first I'm using iPhone 6 iOS 8.3 <Jailbroken>
      and I decided to hack an app, I did all the steps and it worked great.
      I tried to use clutch but it gave me a  'Segmentation fault 11'   so I did the other way which is Rasticrac.
      it worked great and I got the thin binary  "QuizUp"

      I took the QuizUp.app to this location var/mobile and I tried to use Class-dump to get the headers and that happened.

      What should I do to fix it? 
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      So localAIPstore does work but it isn't working on this one app. I know that it doesn't work on some but it literally worked one night on the app and then the next day it stopped working 
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      So what I do is input the hex address in my binary and for the patched I input the patched hex. For some reason, each time I activate it, it doesn't work. As a .ipa it works though so I know my hack works.
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      I tried to install Rasticrack on an iPad Air recently but i needed to install 'BigBoss Recommended Tools'.
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      So Rasticrack isn't working... Does anyone know any other ways to crack apps on iOS 11?
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      Hey, i was just trying THIS savegame, but looks like i can't let it to " stick " or work;
      I tried both with Filza and iFunbox, also tried logging off from Game Center, but nothing.
      Whenever i open the game i still have the same amount.
      Any suggestion would be appreciated, thank you.
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