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Help/Support US itunes account

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  • Similar Content

    • By iYodah
      So I have a bit of an odd situation. I started playing LDoE a few days ago. I have the 1.7.10 hacked IPA, signed with a dev cert. The hacked game loads fine (I have been manually backing up my save to be sure since I am not jailbroken) but when I try to use the official it refuses to sync. The only way I can play on my current save is to load the hacked IPA and manually load my game data. Then it works absolutely fine. I can load in and play and save. I just can not restore my data if I delete the game and sync.
      I've been able to find a mild workaround. It's def a PITA but it works:
      So ultimately I have to do the following to be able to continue to play using both versions I have to use the modified IPA installation as my core play and when I want to switch to the original game I have to:
      Edit #2:
      I think my problem may be that I have built items that I have not unlocked yet. I was able to reset my skills in the original (unmodified) version of the game and noticed that I have items that I shouldn't have because of the hack. I do not have any items that have yet to be released so that's not the issue. I will try to rush level as I can and report back if the leveling fixes my issues. Would be nice to have any/all input to the situation though.
    • By SmarTyTurK
      im keep getting error password on the impactor.
      im using my own itunes email and password and its not accepting. i dont know how to fix this problem since no where on the page or other help posts explains it.
      so do i need to sing in to itunes first and then do this or what?
    • By pandasniper100
      conflict in cydia (poke go ++2] help
    • By iwinyouwin
      Hello @Joka, thanks for the great hack for this game. It functions perfect.
      My Question is little unnormal. 
      Is it easy or say possible for you  to makle the enemies not zero strong. Can you let them be 50 % strong. 
      Why I Ask this Question. I don't know if the producers of the game look in statistics and see, that we guys win the games 7-0 or 8-0 against teams that are double strong or more than we are. 
      Cause we playing in this game events and get points and rankings. 
      So would be bad when we are very high in ranking and the look at our team power and see: "oh, how he could win?" 
      if my team is strong enough in few weeks, I don't need this hack anymore. but at the moment I want to use it against stronger teams.
      What do you think about my concerns?
    • By Mika9724
      While trying to install a deb via filza I get an error as “command not found”,how i can fix this problem?
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