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Help/Support Galaxy Tab A SM-T280 Root

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Unconed23    38
Posted (edited)

Hello friends
I have been trying my hour to Rooten. However, I always stay in the TWRP mode.

I use a tutorial from 2016 with the following files
-SR 1-SuperSU-v2.78

-Odin v3.3

As I said, I always stay in the TWRP mode and the tablet does not bootet.
Can someone tell me if there are already new versions of SuperUser?
What am I doing wrong

Please help me

Edited by Unconed23

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4 answers to this question

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If you Are Stuck in Twrp

1. Try Flashing The Original Stock Rom From Sam Mobile

2. If That Does Not Work Then Flash The PIT FILE Only Of Your Mobile.

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