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Saints Row 2 - Free on Steam

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DiDA    47,412


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CULE    539

bad game compared to games this time 

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TheArmQueen    4,266

basically , the whole franchise is on sale , even Arma 

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TheArmQueen    4,266
1 hour ago, Original said:

f**king love this game :gasm:


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    • By AUSSIE G4M3R

      This app is a great and easy way to get THOUSANDS of Subscribers fast!
      You can also get Likes and Comments!
      It has potential to get you up to 1,000 subscribers a day if you do it actively (easier using an Auto Tapper).
      This app may get removed from the App Store soon because all other follower, subscriber type apps have been removed from the App Store mainly since February (2017). So download it to keep it in your purchases to be able to download it whenever.
      Out of all subscriber apps for Youtube I feel this is the easiest to earn subscriber app for iOS (and currently the only one on the app store).
      Extra Info: Also you may need multiple youtube channels to subscribe on once you hit the sub limit for the day (you can add multiple channels on one account in the YouTube settings).wi
      If you get 400 subscribers everyday you could end up with 100,000 subscribers within less than 1 year (250 days) and maybe even try to get verified on YouTube at 100k!
      Jailbroken? If you're jailbroken I recommend using 'AutoTouch' for this so you don't have to sit there waiting to earn coins it'll just do it for you once you record a tap pattern.
      AutoTouch Scripts (For iPhone 6 or resolution of 750x1334, use Upscale tweak for setting that resolution on other devices) [Place in '/var/mobile/Library/AutoTouch/Scripts'] (Run Script at x1.6 speed):
      (1 Account Script) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3Wi55dT6FvcUm1rR0FwVS05aEU
      (33 Accounts Script) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3Wi55dT6FvcNkRxWmpvMGt5Uzg (You can edit the script by deleting from the end of the script, between every 3 spaces is one account)
      Important Tip when using: I recommend you do 2,000 subscribers maybe 3,000 max at 1 time anymore and Youtube will start removing anymore. You want to keep a realistic pattern in subscribers.
      For example:
      Earned Subscribers
      You want this:     (Smooth over time)
      Not this:     (Quick Spike)
      To prevent loosing subscribers a few hours after the have stopped coming in, for every 30-60 minutes after you have stopped earning them add 10 or 25 subscribers to balance it out so you don't end up loosing 50% or possibly 90% of subscribers do this. (2,000 subscribers may take around 12 hours to earn)
      Please Let me know if you would like to see other great apps for YouTube, Instagram and/or Twitter Followers.
      Also please Like this post if you can for all the effort I put in!                                                                             vVv
    • By Dreadscale
      so there was an app called Tubidy where it lets you download videos from YouTube but it got removed from the App Store so any ideas if there is a working IPA. Link or some similar application?!
      Thanks in advance
    • By Jumadas
      Link for this game:
      this game is HIGH END game Really high end because even my iphone 6s plus with very high graphic setting My Phone only get about  40 Fps. But if you crank the Detail and all other setting up My iphone got only about 10-27 Fps
      But you guys can try to play with other device and comment down below what phone you use and how about Fps?
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      Get a free copy of Ryse: Son of Rome on PC!
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