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[Explanation] What are Server-Sided games?


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Hello everyone, I want to tell people about Server-sided games , and what it is. For poeple who dont know, I'll try to explain u guys what server sided meens.


Server-sided games are one of the most hardest/impossible games to hack/patch. This, because when people trying to hack a game, like Crossy Road by editing file , the edited content will be saved on phone. And work. This because Crossy road is NOT serversided. But if u try the same process on a server sided game like Clash Of Clans. It wont work.

Why? -Because your playerdata files are not only saved on your device, they are also stored in their servers.

Okay, so what?- That meens that everything you do will be saved on phone and server. And everytime you open the game, the server stored files are going to compare the phone's files.

Uhu, so what? - That meens that when u change only 1 symbol. The server will see that there have been made changes, who dont compare with the server. So you get an error,followed by forced close. The only way to hack ( that I can remember) is hacking the Supercell servers and search your account. Goodluck with that.


Hope you now understand what Server sided does.



MY ENGLISH CAN BE VERY BAD! So please ignore misstypes, grammar. Etc.

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