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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions!

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Frequently Asked Questions​

This topic will answer some Frequently Asked Questions by members so if someone asks the same question again, they can be redirected here or you can copy & paste the answer to them.

Tip: Use CTRL/CMD + F on your browser if you're looking for a specific question.
For hack specific related questions and answers, read our Troubleshooting "Non-Working" Hacks & Cheats topic.

What is a Patcher hack?
A "Patcher" means that the hack you are going to install will have settings for you to turn on and off in your iPhone's settings.


What is a Tweak Hack?
A "Tweak" has no settings to configure, simply install it and open the game to see the effects.


I don't have any hack settings displayed on my iPhone's settings?
There can be a few reasons why this happens but the most common one is that you don't have PreferenceLoader installed from Cydia. You may also need to reboot or respring for settings to take effect on your iDevice.


Where can I find my Settings.app?
Settings.app is not a file. When instructions tell you to activate the hack in settings.app, it means you need to open your iPhone's settings and scroll down to find the hack there. If the hack isn't there, read the questions above this one.


How do I uninstall a .deb cheat?
Uninstalling a .deb cheat is the same procedure as when you're uninstalling a Cydia tweak which you may have. Simply go to Cydia -> Installed -> Recent and find the cheat's name then tap on 'Modify' then 'Remove' from thetop-right corner.


How do I uninstall a Binary hack?
To uninstall a Binary cheat, you either need to place back the old Binary file before you modified it or simply reinstall the app so it can re-download it's original un-modified files.


How do I install a Save Game hack?
@Amuyea has made a nice tutorial for iOS 8.2 and below here : http://iosgods.com/t...save-game-hack/

For iOS 8.3/8.4+ here: http://iosgods.com/t...384-and-higher/




Why doesn't the hack work?
There are few reasons why it might be not working.

1. The hack is for old version of the game (example: CoC v1.4 +4; Current CoC Version is 1.5; So the hack won't work)

2. The author only hacked ARMv7 portion of the binary so you might need to thin your binary using this tutorial.

3. The bundle identifier might be wrong? Sometimes for some games bundle identifier change due to your region. One example is The Simpsons Tapped Out. There are 2 versions. So you have to be careful about that. Simply go to/Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/xxxx.plist and go inside that and check the bundle.
Please follow this link for more information: https://iosgods.com/...g-hacks-cheats/


iFile finished with Result Code: 0?
If iFile finished with result code 0, that means that the installation was successful. All you have to do now is follow the rest of the instructions provided on the thread where you got the hack from.


iFile finished with Result Code: 256?
This means that the downloaded .deb file is either corrupted or you are missing .deb dependencies. You can try re-downloading the .deb file using another browser and if you're still having issues, contact the author or make a new support thread. If you're missing dependencies, you will need to install them before you can install the .deb file. The missing dependencies will be mentioned above the result code.


iFile finished with Result Code: 512?
This means the installation did not complete successfully. Result Code 512 means that 'dpkg' is being used by another process, usually Cydia, so all you have to do is close Cydia from Multitasking and retry the installation. If you still get the error, close everything except iFile and try again.


Can't find the downloaded .deb/.zip file in iFile/Filza?
If you're downloading using Safari, you can simply click the download link for the deb and you will get an option to open in iFile. The downloaded deb will usually be in these three locations:


If you don't see it there, try a download manager from Cydia or try another File Manager such as Filza.


How can I download from sh.st or adf.ly links?
Once you open the sh.st/adf.ly link, you will have to wait 5 seconds before you can skip the ad located on the top-right and proceed onto the download link. It is advised you visit sh.st/adf.ly links on your Desktop because popups on your iDevice can be annoying.



How can I see the Hidden Content?
You can view the Hidden Content by either replying to that topic which has the Hidden Content or by pressing the thanks button located under the signature of the first post.

FuroowHD has made a detailed tutorial about this here: http://iosgods.com/t...hidden-content/


How can I hide my post content using the Hidden Content?
There's two ways you can hide your message.

1. By using the hide button.


Simply click it and then enter the content you want to hide.

2. By adding the [hide] tags manually.

You can also hide text manually by adding [hide] tags in front of your text and then closing that hide tag like this:
Hello! This [hide]is a test hidden message![/hide]
Note: Do not hide your thread completely, just hide the download link or some important parts of your post.


How can I get promoted?
This question is asked a lot so we made a topic on each rank and what you have to do to achieve that rank.http://iosgods.com/t...u-get-promoted/


How can I delete/hide my topic/post?
If you want your topic removed, please report the topic and a member of the staff will deal with it. DO NOT edit your topic and remove all of it's content.


I don't like this white theme! Can I change it?
Yes, we have added a dark theme to the forum also for users that may not prefer the light themes. To change to the dark theme, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the 'Change Theme' option in the footer.


Why can't I post a request topic?
To be able to post a request topic, you need at least 3 posts. This is also mentioned under the section's title with bold text. http://iosgods.com/forum/19-requests/

If your question isn't answered above, please make a new support topic here and we'll be able to help you.

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no one gonna read this :3

Yeah, which is why you give them the link if they ask any questions from here. :)

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How do I decrypt the answer please help

Simply reply to that thread to see the hidden content. :)


Read the first post for more info. :)

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I do that then the next page says you have to decrypt i just get stuck with the answer

Can you try refreshing the first post you've replied?

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