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Heroes Charge +9


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Cheat Features:

1.Avatars unlocked

2.Accelerator: from -3 to 1

3.Preset teams saving

4.Recommended lineups

5.Custom raid

6.Xmod store

7.Crafting guide for equipped items

8.Auto fight repeatedly in a certain quest

9.Crusade auto retreat



Hidden Content

React or reply to this topic to see the hidden content & download link.





Instructions for Activation:

1.Click 'xmodgames' on HomeScreen.


2. Make sure you have downloaded Heroes charge and tap it.

Install the mod,then click “launch” to start the game.




3.Click on Install.Then after mod is installed, click on Launch


4.Click the “X” to start to hack your game




Features of Heroes Charge




1.Avatars unlocked,Click the avatar



Choose the avatar you like.



2.Accelerator: from -3 to 1


Click the “X” Button





Choose the speed from -3 to 1.






3.Preset teams savingYou can save your own team by editing on the preset UI



4.Recommended lineupsClick the “Best” button, and you can see the recommended teams for the certain quests






6.Xmod store

Click the xmod store.



You can find all the store here.




7.Crafting guide for equipped items


Choose an equipment which is already equipped.


Click the “Craft” button to check the materials for that equipment.



8.Auto fight repeatedly in a certain quest

Click the “X” button then switch on the “Auto fight in a certain quest”. when you switch on the button, it will keep fighing in the same quest you choose.



9.Crusade auto retreat

You can choose the number of deaths from 0 to 4 as a condition of retreat. If you choose 0, battle will end when all of your heroes die; if you choose 1/2/3/4, battle will end when 1/2/3/4 of your heroes die, and you lose nothing.

Enjoy it!!




XModGames Group

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lol please increase the text size...................

I got this! :)

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