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Jubeat Plus Unlock 100% Store Patcher (v3.70+)

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Hope anyone can answer this question.

Recently, Konami took down some music packs such as Copius pack 5 (which contained Alstroemeria, one of my favorite songs) and is no longer downloadable via store.

I have the XXXXXXXXX.jbt files from a Chinese website and tried placing it in the var/mobile/.../Jubeat/documents folder.


I have the files for it but cant access it via Jubeat app itself. Seems like you have to let the store know you downloaded it from them.


Any ideas?



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      My first time posting a hack. So please understand 
      Hack Requirements:
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      Hey guys just found this hack for Rival Stars basketball friend points using GameGem.
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      2. Go to the Special Deals section, where you can buy items or cards via friend points. 
      3. One of those Special Deals is usually a super gold card, which costs around 20,000 friend points. We are going to use that value.
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      7. Change the Value to some negative number, so you are awarded for buying the player, instead of it being taken away.
      8. I tested modifying the values to only -9999, nothing higher. So you can test out some higher values and if they work. 
      9.  Go back into Rival Stars and buy that player. You should be awared with the value you midified it to.
      10. The game may crash afterwards, and that is fine, when you go back to the game you should have the friend points.
      11. Please like this topic and thank me! And comment what values worked.
      Thank you all!
      **Edit: Just tested this using iGameGuardian, searched using I32, and i used a value that cost only 2000 friend points. It gave me 10,000 values, but i altered all of them to -30,000 and it worked.
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