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  1. Hey man, hope your holidays were good! Just wanted to see if you've had any luck with MK! Cheers man!

  2. Yea its a twist on the previously known method to use already installed (but revoked) apps, that allows the install too! lol
  3. afaik they patched it in one of the iOS 13 versions, which idk
  4. Hey man, MK was updated again, just to give you a heads up! You can PM me as well, I would be interested in learning how you do it and taking over the mod if you are less active than before,. Cheers!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. FounderHawk


      Hey man life comes first! We all appreciate what you do. Good luck on the rest of your finals!

    3. Mr PHo3niX
    4. FounderHawk


      Hey man, any luck?

  5. Ah I thought it was you that was fighting me in the chatbox about this, greate of you to comment! Please see this: https://twitter.com/fce365/status/1205557340323364875?s=21 Of you dont believe GeoSn0w, 🤷‍♂️ a lost cause
  6. Not updated for most recent version. Use Appstore++ to downgrade to the version the hack works with!
  7. Note: You will lose Safari Cache and Data! Be sure to read the ENTIRE tutorial before starting, as timing is key! You can use ant OTA download that is revoked! iOS Versions Tested: 11: Ongoing 11.3.1: Confirmed Working 12.1: Confirmed Working 12.4: Confirmed Working 13.3: Does not work Step 0 (Recommended): Place Settings and Safari on the Second page of your home screen, and leave enough open spaces for the apps you will install via this method. Go to Settings > Safari and Clear Cache and Data before beginning! Step 1: Open Safari to the download page of the app you want to install. When you press “Install Now” you will get a pop-up prompt, press “Install” again. At this point you want to quickly close Safari. Step 2: Watch the app that you selected download, just before it changes from “Loading” to “Installing” quickly activate Airplane Mode. If you were successful you should see the app icon on your Home Screen, but don’t open it yet! If the app is greyed out, or doesn’t show the icon, delete the app, clear Safari and return to Step 1. If it was successful, continue to Step 3. Step 3: With Airplane Mode enabled go to Settings > General > Profiles and “Trust” the developer. After trusting the developer quickly Enable Wifi, "Verify" the app, and Disable Wifi again. Step 4: After the app is verified proceed to Settings > Safari and clear cache once again. After this you can open the app. Step 5: ONLY once you are in the revoked app, you can disable Airplane Mode, and use the app normally! This method is based off the already known Safari/Airplane mode glitch for ALREADY INSTALLED apps. Based loosely off the tutorial posted by iOSGodsMember54 and refined!
  8. iOS itself does not allow remote control in this way. This might change with iPadOS becoming separate, but it's unlikely. iirc if you are jailbroken there are some methods of doing so, but I do not know then, or even if they have been updated for the newer software versions
  9. Welcome to the forums! Remember to check out the rules Here . And don't forget, have fun!
  10. Try opening terminal on your phone, anr run the following commands: su Enter your root password (default is alpine) then ldrestart This will basically "Restart" your phone, without disabling the jailbreak/shutting the phone completely off. This may fix the issue you are having
  11. Can you elaborate on the issue a little more? Exactly when does it happen, what areas, etc
  12. If there is any revoke on the App+ would cause this issue. After a certificate has been signed the icons will stay blank generally, or it will not install at all. I do not have access to App+ so I cannot check, but good chance this is the issue
  13. Try installing the deb file via filza file manager. Using a package manager to install a deb can be finicky sometimes
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