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  1. Why cant we download the IPA file?

    Cydia impactor is not the only way to sign apps. 

    People who have there own certificates or know how to use xcode can also sign apps on there own. Please activate that link again :( 

    1. tonydeptrai93


      There was an update in Apple server side so there is nothing you can do until the next update of Cydia Impactor. 

    2. privacycheck


      I know that. BUt if u dont know let me tell you. You can install IPA through xcode also

  2. Well this is iosgods for us. They dont take any responsibility for anything. First they removed out other games like guns of boom now they are just making fake posts. Thank god I dint renew my membership
  3. I have an working hack. can somebody edit one feature from it for me?


  4. Hello sir, long Time no see

  5. Hey what happened to the free guns of boom hack post!!. Why the content and everything is been removed from the site. Can you explain it please

    1. Show previous comments  23 more
    2. volkanal


      Yes I agree totally with this question why all free hacks were removed , we are following all the time this site but this not equal 

    3. musicboy


      Anyone hear anything yet?

    4. privacycheck
    5. zhouyulix


      It turns out that many websites are still doing hacks about guns of boom, but I hope you will continue to do it, because the hacks you make are the best. I don't know why you deleted all hacks, at least tell you the reason or how to explain it.

    6. privacycheck


      Yes you are correct. I used to love there Joka hack. It was just perfect and when I wanted to be greedy I used to abolution one. 

      Both of them were amazing at there thing.

      Please bring it back :) 

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