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  1. f32, nearby appear differently? why take a look and these options do not appear. regards
  2. commands that must be deciphered No post - globally effective, hall change Ulong search 79470 02217568101714 The seventh change to the general prefix 11 begins 7947002215699440192 Self-use code 765918781 Acceleration - single game is effective, change in the game Double search 1548112656855040 change 1548112659116032 1548112699999999 (Generally need to change it several times) Jeep accelerates on the car, the bicycle has an effect Float 0.647058857 Change -9999 Metamorphic acceleration - globally valid (hall change) all models are accelerated Ulong 4180205148181626880 change 4539628425419245486 Self-use code 4400008425419240000 Acceleration - globally effective (lobby change) FLOAT search 479.5 Change the end of the first C 99999 Gun antenna Float search -1.68741035461 Change (116F55DB8) 7659 Walking antenna - single game is effective, the gun change in the game Ulong search 4542112772012578509 change 4542112772999999999 Backpack antenna - single station effective Float search 0.9378669858 68 suffix changed to 999999 Ass antenna is effective in one game Float search 0.82059580088 Full change 765918781480096 Head range - globally effective, hall change Ulong search 4740038608910024704 change: A. Small range, high damage, high headshot rate, small range, suitable for sniper 5256866248569389056 Self-use range 5256866248569999999 B. Medium range, damage, range, rifle works well 5311743973423316992 C. Wide range, low damage, large range, it is recommended to use rifle 5328923842607316992 Hunting flying - game change Double search 1099511900928 Second change -5.029132178451386e+26 After the change, you can't squat, then squat down and press 蹲 to fly. Change 1099511900928 to return to normal Bottom perspective - single game effective, game change Double search 1099511900928 Second change 5.072855353506943e+20 Press the squat to see through. Double mirror second open - global effective, hall change ULong search 4575657222461362012 change 4575657225703391229 Perfect Luffy - globally effective, hall change Ulong search 4542111535061997269 change 4848124999993131008 Self-use code (you need to change the damage level yourself) 4848124999999999999 Under the road, the single-office is effective, the game is changed. 4310679318253000766 change 4310679318298099712 SC rate of acceleration - single board effective, handheld SC change Ulong search 4450853469015769098 change 4412518828609634314 Ignore armor - globally effective, hall change The first four Ulong 4715268810947428352 change 4715268810975346688 M4 rate of fire acceleration - globally effective, hand-held M4 modified training field accurate to have effect Float search 0.086 change 0.036 Weeding - globally effective, hall change Float search All divided by 100000000 change 399 Single elimination 0.000005 Change the third 288 suffix 76.5918781
  3. to hide herbs and trees, you must place ulong 100000000 in the lobby and look for the one that has the last two numbers 98 and put between 0-100000000 .... what I do is put first the no backward and then leave the values of the herbs and when I want to quickly put the trees and herbs, I just put on accept.
  4. I have used the hack with 3 accounts and I have not been banned, I only use the no recoil and hide the herbs ..
  5. The hack is detected because they occupy key words such as iosgods and the pubg servers detect it and block it ... It is on the blacklist ... try removing the words of iosgods and remove the floating lotus.
  6. apparently the program no longer works, because of the multiple ban reports. see the topic of cheat engine (last pages)
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