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  1. @MrProblem awesome work dude. Could you try this with Pacwyn? It has so many VS modes to play. This app is just pack opener or draft.
  2. EDIT: After playing the whole day I can say this game's really really bad. It's a re-release. So, if the game was turned off in any time, any reason they should have. It's a one character game. You are not going to find any character to get. The only thing you can do is upgrade your weapons or get any more. Also, the energy is capped to 30 every day. So, if you waste 30 of energy GG, see you tomorrow. The hack doesn't work in PVP, so there's nothing to do the rest of the day.
  3. Well, I've reached today lvl 100 on this game and I'm going to do a very little review of this game with the hack. First of all, this game is amazing. Playing in vertical mode (very comfortable for me) it has a long story and very interesting. Thanks to this hack you can play it without the need of lvl up every character you get. For example, on 14th lands you need a full water team to bypass the 10 stages. Thanks to this hack you cant take a couple of lvl 6-8 water characters and end the chapter. The dungeons also are really easy with the hack. Having some characters in lvl 40-50 you can beat every daily challenge. Now, just 2 problems of this hack @Laxus 1. The typical "tower" of this kind of games is really hard. x20 attack + defense is not enough just because the element type is very importante. Playing story mode you can beat these element challenge really easy, but in the tower could be needed at least x100 or something similar. 2. Hack doesn't work in PVP. I mean, imagine my power is 38k. When I turn on the hack my power is 700k. Searching opponent on the PVP the game is going to find me an opponent with similar power, 700-800-900k. And every combat is lost just because my opponents has better runes, better awakening heroes, better stats etc. I have trie all. Disabling and searching opponent but doesn't work. The point here should be finding a way to just increase your power and searching opponent for your real power. PVP hack should be hard I guess, but getting x100 atack+defense this hack is 9/10, one of the best you have ever done. Also, I don't know if it's for the JB detection but this hack is very very safe to play. Congrats big man! @Laxus
  4. @Laxus Could you add a x100 attack and defense feature? I'm testing the game, and in arena people has been playing this game for 2 years, x20 it's not enough instead of having SSR characters at lvl 50. Runes are so important here.
  5. @Laxus Security code 1, the game crashes after that. EDIT: Need to enable Kernbypass before login the game. Doing that the error code doesn't appear anymore.
  6. Up @SamViKi founded someone?
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