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  1. Sure trying this EDIT: The game doesn't have multiplayer, so no need of hack. Thanks anyway.
  2. It's not the first time I purchase the VIP suscription. But lol, it's really frustrating to purchase VIP and don't use any premium tweak. I hope this change in June
  3. @Rook morning man. The dev of this mod is disappeared and the game's company is giving instabans for using the tool or any tweak. Maybe is needed an advice before using it for new users.
  4. I appreciate too much the work on free hacks but lol. Who plays this kind of fruit games released 2-3 years ago?
  5. Same here, I'm a little tired at this moment. On this month we haven't seen hacks on VIP for new games. Every day I come here and just see hacks of games from 2 years ago that nobody plays. The point of this kind of hacks is to do it at version 0.0.1 to grow a lot and when the hack will be down, you will be at 60th level with so many things, for example. I really don't know where is @n1ce0n3 but is really sad. This was by far one of the best hacks of this year. No doubt about that.
  6. Would be amazing to have hacks of the new games that are releasing this month!
  7. This game is ended. FIY: I played this game with the speed tool of GameGem, speed x5. This game is so slow to play regular and that was really needed. It has detection, no longer works. Same for all tweaks you can imagine.. Man @n1ce0n3 I guess you should be really busy, but we need you. The hack is really important, but more important a good bypass for this. FlyJB doesn't work.
  8. Yeah, but I mean. For example, maybe this works for more no server games. How is the process? You take the .plist and search for the players code. Then you modify that value and put for example, x20. Am I right? How can we modify that .plist by ourselfs? Which program is needed to modify the .plist? What value is needed to be searched?
  9. @n1ce0n3 bypass needed. The game detect everything: LocaliAppstore, Liberty Lite, Shadow.. we can't play at this moment. Need to fix bro.
  10. I understand that you wanna to this easy but lol, it’s really hard. Thanks for your work, is amazing. How do you update this? Can we edit the .plist with Filza? What do you change? Really easy: replace the .plist downloaded with the original .plist.
  11. Letsee EDIT: I will try. The hardest of this is to read the full post with so many colors.
  12. I cant acces the app. LocaliAppstote detected. This doesn’t work, the game also detect the mod when login.
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