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  1. Yeah well, ya got banned here huh? Cherry picking ones where you can doesn't negate the fact that most will ban you. Most games today are moderated.
  2. Same here. Doesn't work. Also, are these jailed versions popping up their own ads now? The last two games I installed pop up two ads at once right when it's logging into iOSGods.
  3. You would have to be nuts to even touch PvP with a cheat. Anyway, I don't play this anymore. Too much of a grind for nothing. No story. It'll just go on forever until they dump it.
  4. what game gem are you using plz tell me the big boss isn't working for me I used iGG for gold. v8.3
  5. Please update to v2.2 when you get a chance. Game updated with lots of new content and features. Greatly appreciated!
  6. Thanks for the update! That last game version was horribly bugged. Looks like they fixed the "board" issue.
  7. Doesn’t work if you have electra. Last one did. This one just crashes when the game loads. Reboot without electra running and it works.
  8. Are you jailbroken with Electra? This doesn't work with Electra. Gotta use the non-jailbreak version.
  9. Like I said, you only get hit if you do P2P. The rest of the game is 100% open. You can't cheat and do P2P. It's pretty simple. If you cheat and bump yourself up to max THEN go into P2P...that's cheating in P2P. Why would you expect to be able to do that? There's nothing anyone can do for you.
  10. Trying to get past the horrible dialog in this game. Hopefully this makes it better Thanks!
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