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  1. Bumping this request. These pay forever apps are INSANE!
  2. Health goes down. But no reload seems to be working. Enemies aren't being dumb (which is actually ok).
  3. The game installs and runs now, but is there supposed to be the normal iOSGods login and menu button that says everything is automatically activated for non jailbreak tweaks? There's no button or login.
  4. Not working for some reason on my iPad Pro Gen 5. iOS 16.6. I get a blank screen for 10 seconds then the app dumps me back to spring board. Original app from app store works fine. EDIT: Doesn't work on iPhone 15 Pro either. Same exact thing. @tien0246
  5. This is very old and no longer loads. Gets stuck at loading screen. Any chance on an update? @Laxus
  6. Guessing this needs to be updated to v1.5.9 since it just crashes on load. @quatorze
  7. I seem to have missed the boat on this. So far every app I've tried has a payload and a signature. Can't change anything if they sign it The one game I found that didn't have any protection on it, I set a breakpoint, I collect in the game, it gets captured, I change a value and Execute....nothing. This is on iOS.
  8. They can certainly try to get help from him. He's helped out many tweak creators and told them all exactly what they need to do. All my tweaks are working fine with the only exception being the creator of Apple File Conduit seems to have abandoned their tweak and openSSH doesn't have proper entitlements to access app folders (Filza WebDAV work around is such a pain). Well, and of course all these cheats.
  9. Whatever game you are trying to run, the cheat will not work on rootless. 99.99% of the cheats here will not work on rootless.
  10. There's no fix because there's nothing wrong with the repo. Are you typing it in right? You provided zero information. What version iOS, what CPU, what jailbreak, a screenshot of the error....
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