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  1. Doesn't work for me. I get the audio clue that I just performed a massive attack but both the enemy and myself take zero damage. The level just lasts forever.
  2. Well, in the meantime, until something comes out....if you're playing online and you're about to finish in a place that gives you negative points you can force quit the app BEFORE you cross the finish line and the race wont count against you.
  3. Wow this game is greedy! 100% on every level and can’t play past 5.8 without spending tons of real money. unlimite gems would be great!
  4. Neither did I. Invalid wallet is the error you get when you try to hack your attribute level.
  5. Nope. Invalid wallet came up about 4 updates ago. Any attempt to increase the value is met with, invalid wallet.
  6. Hopefully you can update it within the next 8 hours before the payday event finishes.
  7. Just a heads up, massive updating coming tomorrow. Will require a forced update.
  8. The no friend cool down lag has been an issue ever since it was added. Probably something to do with many computer cycles in messing with the time. When you’re ready to do it just turn it on and off again, the cool down will go away. Rinse and repeat. The attribute hack still doesn’t work. Crashes the game and complains about invalid data.
  9. "Instant Level Up Attributes (gain some)" Why is this still listed? Hacking the attributes hasn't worked for many updates. Not even manually with iGG. Any attempt to change these values either crashes the game or registers an "invalid wallet". Odds are they see you hacking this value. Might even ban later for it.
  10. To answer my own question, no. This is no longer valid. The app isn't even 64bit.
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