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  1. There was no update. People assumed one was coming because they had back end maintenance. All they did was turn on red stars.
  2. I see the same problem. After using the hack for a little while, it fails to sync. You are then denied access to FB. What's weird is it synced for a little while because I picked progress up on my non jailbroken phone. Now that I tried going back to my iPad (with hack), nope, the progress from my phone isn't getting back to my iPad because it's now blocked from FB. So yeah, no device syncing with this hack. Which means if you get a new device, you're screwed. This could of course be fixed by making the values for these items something normal. If it's unlimited then who needs 65k+ items? Just make it a more normal number like 200 or 500.
  3. Very strange hack. The unlimited coins/boosts didn't kick in right away. Every level I played it would give me over 65k on a single boost. So after playing a bunch of levels I eventually had 65k+ for each boost. Unlimited moves doesn't work at all. Also, why am I getting a Star Chest after every single level? It's always 15/20 stars and a single level fills it up. So I'm guessing I'm getting exactly 20 stars after every level.
  4. Yup, as has been discussed more than a few times here messing around with character data can blow up the game. It might have worked fine for people in earlier game versions but all tests done with the most recent version shows that it corrupts the game save.
  5. So I went from level 7 to level 12 within minutes and WOW now I have at least 2 days worth of crafting and characters levels to go through. They put a lot of balance in this game. So super leveling up really isn't needed as you wont really be able to do anything anyway as missions start to stop you because you're not leveled up enough character wise.
  6. Very interesting. So I have this game running on two devices. I primary only use one. On that device I made the grave mistake of making one of my ores 1,000,000. At first it worked fine then it turned into 1,001 items at 999 each. So that broke the game. Which sucked because my other device is two levels behind. So if I go to that device and use the local save I'll have lost a days worth of progress. Oh well! So I went to that device and loaded up the local save. Here's the interesting part. It contained two characters it didn't have before and one them was 2 star that wasn't before. So even though I loaded up the local save it still grabbed the most current characters. I'm guessing it looks at both save areas and grabs the most current? Even more interesting. Remember I said that save was 2 levels behind? Well those new characters I got I had leveled up to level 7 right away. This save has them but at level 5. They were never at level 5, they went from Level 1 to 7 within 20 minutes each. Clearly the game knows better and it capping them at my current level. I played for a little bit and got back to level 6. Those characters instantly became level 6. I'm guessing as soon as I level up again to 7 those characters will also go right back to level 7. Long story short, characters are clearly saved in a special way separate from the normal save data. That would certainly explain all the issues people are having with hacked characters.
  7. Yes, I used it before and after but which part are you talking about? Resources - screws up game before tut, works fine after tut. Characters - Screws up HQ before and after tut. I'm done making burner accounts. Playing off my normal account now. Haven't come across stone yet so I don't dare turn on that hack yet. I'll do it after I get stone for the first time. I recommend everyone play like that. Wait to get the resource first.
  8. Yup, as others have stated, if you unlock the characters then attempt to use them in the HQ it'll completely screw up your game. They aren't being fully unlocked correctly. Unfortunately forcing a reload of saved cloud data doesn't filter out the problem. Also, if you attempt to gain resources that haven't been unlocked (made available) yet then the game will null out your account and start over (the other problem people are having). Best to not use this hack until you've gone through most of the tutorial.
  9. They’re full of crap. Over 400? That’s it? Many thousands of people are cheating and the vast majority of those they did ban were from people tattling on alliance members. Any auto bans the are doing is probably something stupid like new people who are 10k but finish level 6 raids or are top in arena and blitz. Dont cheat in DD and arena. Only do top 10% in blitz. As for raids, do the same level as other people in your class.
  10. Which raid and which option? You cant auto win raid and you cant cheat too much in level 6.
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