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  1. @Amuyea I dont have a friend can let me borrow If I use houdini beta 2 can it be work for deb?
  2. @Amuyea I tried to use hex editor to this for but its not working 😭
  3. Anyone who can make hack file from BNGI0218 in filzaescaped/ifile? Ver.8.0.0 please
  4. @ScreecherChain http://www.cydiaimpactor.com/ Req:Apple Id to log in and the hack app that you downloaded here Just drag the hack apk from cydia impactor Boom! If you dont know the next step I’ll help you or other fellow
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy holidays @Ellkay
  6. Merry christmas to all and happy giveaway with @nuar93 have a good day and new yr!
  7. What installer can download NBA2k13 on non JB

  8. [Request] Exact App Name, App Version App you want hacked:One Piece:Treasure Cruise Global Version of the app:4.0.0 iTunes URL for the app:https://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/one-piece-treasure-cruise/id943690848?mt=8 Requested features: -Unlimited Stamina -Unlimited Rainbow Gems -God Mode(Never Die And 1 Hit) -Unlimited Power Ups Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken:Jailbreak Im Very Thankful Who Can Help Me This Hack Because Its My First Hack Request.Please Help Me! ^.^
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