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  1. Thank you so much for the update, @Laxus Time to Play!
  2. Patiently waiting for 1.2 support update. Hopefully, my Resin will as well. Thanks in advance.
  3. Nah,, I have Klee and everything is on fire. If your not aware of your own status, you'll be burn to death. So I went with Diluc instead and Ningguang as my second DPS, Venti for support and i'm only mising Qiqi but Diona will do!
  4. Sorry but I dont have a copy of the 1.1.0 +3 version. I'm currently using 1.1.1 +3 version (which is available for download on the first page) and I'm doing fine. I'm only using No Cool Down on Skill/S.Skill and I never ever use Infinite Stamina (since its so risky). You want to make sure your Genshin app is updated to 1.1.1 for hack compatibility of course. Mine work perfectly. I dont experience any issues opening the game. Make sure you hit "Check Update" and use version 1.4.4 for A-Bypass. You might also want to ask yourself; when was the last time is was working? did I install any tweaks that might have affected the A-Bypass working?
  5. Yes I do. I finish it every week till floor 12.
  6. Hello Fellow Traveler. I have been using this hack from the day I rerolled to get a Venti and Diluc, up until today, AR48. I have not experienced any error nor got my account banned. You should always be cautious when playing. Remember, don't touch the menu and enable any hack until you see your character in-game. After you are done playing, turn all features off before quitting. Also, don't put the game in the background and opening another app. Turn on "do not disturb" to prevent unwanted calls, since not doing so will likely result in reconnecting error thus detection. Also, if you know your battery is about to die, make sure to turn off the Mod Menu Hack. Don't let it die without turning off the Mod Menu Hack. With regards to speed hack, A-bypass isn't compatible with IGG unfortunately. What I use as an alternative is GameGem. I am able to finish all 4 daily commissions in just 15mins tops. It may be outdated and the UI may not be as intuitive but the important thing is, it's compatible. I think the reason why your getting ban is that your running tweaks that don't work together thus breaking the bypass, resulting in detection. See statement quoted from iGameGod thread. The main purpose of A-bypass is to counter and masked the kernel level anti-cheat that comes with Genshin. So far its is the most compatible bypass againts Genshin. Also be sure you update A-bypass before playing. It's a good thing that the A-bypass developer is pretty much on top of it. I also don't use choicy and I'm fine. Anyway good luck to you, please do not discredit and make recommendations if its not working for you. It's kinda insulting to Laxus who put in such effort to share the hack with us and stays ontop whenever an update is made. -Ad Astra Abyssosque
  7. I also dont use choicy. I dont know what it does. I only rely on A bypass and i'm AR48.
  8. Hi @Laxus - For your immediate attention, please! Kindly help update hack compatibility to version 1.1.1. Current hack causes the character to freeze after using a skill. Very important since an event is ongoing that requires us to kill monster mob on a specific time limit. My poor Venti is getting hurt. LOLz. Thank you so much in advance!
  9. Please don't spam me messages. I will not give the link to the .deb file or share +2/+5 since both are not working anymore. Paimon is the Emergency Food not me! I paid to be a VIP member. It's also unfair to me, to the other VIP members and specialy the the Hack Creator. The topic was moved to the VIP for a reason and that is to keep a close circle.
  10. Feels good to be VIP 😁 Thanks for the updating the hack..!
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