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  1. @DADi awesome! Thanks for the update but I got some bad news...none of the features are working - every time you try any of the features such as always your turn or energy, at the end of the fight it says battle is not valid and do not get credit for it at all. I tried the auto wins as well and auto win #1 crashes the game and #2 doesn’t do anything at all. Please look into this when you can, it seems like they may have figured this out to detect but I know you can BEAT them! I believe!!! Thanks again and hopefully you can figure this one out
  2. @DADi I feel like thanos snapped his finger on this one with the infinity stones...lol. anywho- back again to do my daily,"please update this game ASAP" post. Update ppplllleeeaasssseeeee 😶 stay classy!
  3. @Knoxx i definitely feel you on that - now granted dont subscribe for just one game as they say all the time around here but there are MULTIPLE games that haven't been updated for weeks to almost a month that I've subscribed for VIP access for (I.E. marvel strike force is another one with no update for weeks and no reply from mod team other than a like for my post). And I could list a few other games in VIP that haven't been updated but I get the fact they could be busy doing other things but a simple post from them saying,"hey I'm aware of this and will look into it when I can" or "this is the ETA I'm shooting for" for that specific app like this one or others that are outdated that need to be updated could assure us they are working on it and things are preventing them at this time to get to it but if the update turn around are this long, I may have to consider about dropping VIP and I've always supported this site/crew when it comes to donations and etc - hands down this THE best site for IOS app mods and the team here are really awesome peeps. Anywho - sorry for the rant, just wanted to share my frustration concerning the update turn around without the updates on progress. I still love this site and the crew, and stay classy!
  4. @DADi my once a day update post 🤓 UPDATE IM GOING CRAZY!! Stay classy everyone
  5. @DADiI have returned for my one day bump - please update when you can good sir or maybe let us know what the status is when you'll get to this, I'm assuming you're probably busy doing a bunch of things- as usual appreciate the hard work and hope this gets updated ASAP. And as to my current concerning this, the itching progressed into me sweating a lot and laying in bed feeling cold - I'm sure that's normal. Stay classy all! 😋
  6. @DADi back again for my 1 a day bump! Muahahaha! I'm having this itch on my neck like some kind of addiction or withdrawal from this, is that normal? Anywho - update when you can. And again, stay classy everyone!!!!! 🤓
  7. @DADi my one bump a day for this hack 🤪 hopefully we will get update soon, missing out on these events is destroying my heart but I will always love the hard work you put in - thanks and stay classy.
  8. @DADi bump for update - love you all - have a goodnight - hope this gets updated soon.
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