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  1. anything feature if posible plz.
  2. I'm stupid, I was using chrome, sorry, everything goes perfect with safari.sorry
  3. use safari, when i download it says you open it with a program, I do not know what program to open it with icloud and drive to open it does nothing and does not appear in the phone options to trust the application and use it
  4. Any thing feature for jailbroken too please 👍🏻
  5. and what happens now that I can not say that I'm going to leave vip? I'm 33 years old and have a stable job,I have already passed the stage in which my mother told me to go far, I do not need a second mother, thank you.
  6. I'm not ruining anything, I just made a comment saying that if they could fix the current state of the hack.You do not have to come and tell me you can not play and that it's my fault that it's going to ruin everything.the next time you talk to someone for the first time be a little more polite.
  7. Why do you repeat my words? Do you have a repeat parrot complex? I was the one who said I was going to stop playing,Why do you repeat it again? unfinished hack? Where do you get that? the hack has been active for 10 months.cmon.Do not come here to drop the first thing that crosses your mind and be a little more serious.
  8. @Npong @KeN98 if they read what I wrote ... I put it perfectly kill nodes with out raising suspicion. I do not have to learn to play without using the hack, if the hack did not exist a long time ago I would have stopped playing. With this,I answer all your offenses towards me. have a good day.
  9. @Npong I did not know you had to defend dida. Do you play this game?if you played you would know that if you are in a competitive alliance since you use the hack and use it to kill as many nodes as possible with out raising suspicion. If you have the necessary mechanics to not use the hack then no use it.I need it.i just commented that i'm frustrated,you do not have to come here with a gallo with arrogance saying that i'm going with my frustration elsewhere.
  10. @DiDA It would be better, so the hack will not be forgotten, thinking that it is updated. . ... when they put the auto-update they will win a lot with this hack.
  11. @DiDA I probably leave the game and the vip status in this page because I'm failing badly in the raids in my alliance because the hack *always Your turn* dont work.its very frustrated
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