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  1. Oops) Installed unsigned mod over the original, but when opened, the game freezes on the loading screen and nothing else. Check, please!
  2. Thanks for the gorgeous mod! But please make an unsigned mod, since the game is synchronized only with a google account !!
  3. Yes, hacking works on version 6.3.0, but when the game is updated to the latest version, all data is overwritten and in the end there is nothing, not your purchases, not coins (((
  4. My friend downloaded the original version of the game, hid the jailbreak from the game and calmly hacked it through IGG, hacked on almost everything, it’s been playing for more than a week without a ban! On Android, the game is also perfectly cracked through GG, the most important thing is to bypass the root, but Magisk does not help, you have to run the game only on the emulator.
  5. Thank you, but as I understand it, this is a reiteration from this topic and there they all understood and discussed everything, that this is complete nonsense! You still won’t play under your account and it’s only offline !!!
  6. This of course is all right, thanks. But keep in mind that developers are also not stupid, and in this game they very quickly get banned for such pranks!)))))) Friends, something often everyone started to write about the fact that they are being banned for coins and gems, I decided to write a post for you with my limits, for these limits I have not received a ban at all. Balance limits: Coins - 2kk Gems - 400k Chest Limits: Coins - 150k Gems - 20k Cuba - 999,999
  7. Be carefull!!!!! The anti-cheat in the game is excellent, many players have already been banned! On the main account, it’s better not to risk it !!! Yesterday my friend was banned for using cheat scripts via GG!
  8. Public Beta is now available in Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand Malaysia, India, Philippines, Russia, Belarus Turkeyl, Ukraine, and Mexicoll. Players in these regions will be able to search and download the game from your Play Store/AppStore. We are waiting for the bans))))))))
  9. Thank you, but what does it mean to "check your mailbox" and what kind of application is "Apps Manager"??? Please explain in more detail! And yet, is this hack suitable for the latest version of the game, will there be data synchronization with the game server, will my game progress data remain, or will I start playing again ???? Please explain in more detail !!!!!!!
  10. Be carefull!!!!! The anti-cheat in the game is excellent, many players have already been banned! On the main account, it’s better not to risk it !!!
  11. Door Kickers: Action Squad https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.khg.actionsquad Hacking anything you want))) I will show by the example of hacking health, a cartridge, the opening of all chapters and the unlocking of all the ammunition of soldiers! To do this, you will need a root and a manager to open .apk files, for example, I use the "MT Manager" application, it is very convenient, after each file change it immediately updates and re-signs it automatically. You can also use the application "APK Editor Pro", everything is at your discretion)) [Hidden Content] Everyone enjoy the game 🙂
  12. Big Bow!!! - Any VIP - I am jailbroken - "Pu...sy Cat"
  13. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/filemaster-privacy-protection/id582219355
  14. April 14 and let the year remain a mystery to all)))))))
  15. On AndroidOS, the game is perfectly hacked into all resources using GG, by searching for values through "dword", but only in offline mode !!!! Probably on iOS you can try this hack through IGG!
  16. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bow-land/id1486316674 Greetings !!!! Here is a game like "Archero", but much more interesting and beautiful !!! If there is a desire, then work on it!))))))
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