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  1. Signing again and again is not the main matter. It jst that I can't sign in with my fb, twitter, game center account on Mobile Data. It just lags on the loading screen after signing in. Every time I have to take hotspot from sm1 as it can be signed in only while connected to wifi. I don't know the reason but its working on my friend's iPX but not on my iP6.
  2. Please provide a free version of PUBG +7 Hack for Electra JB which is implemented in PUBG No-JB Modded IPA. It will be very helpful as of now we are unable to login using mobile data and also need to sign it every 7 days. If you provide the Tweak we can also play using mobile data with PUBG from AppStore and that resigning of 7 days will also be gone.
  3. Ohh got you. Sorry you didn't use a [ ? ] so I thought you were talking about me getting banned at iOSGods and not asking about the mod ? Ahhh chuck that! I have been using this mod since v0.4.0 and still no sign of getting banned. ? Just Enjoy the mod u'll not be banned in my opinion. Atleast not until next update.
  4. Uninstall previously installed PUBG Mobile and then reinstall this ipa with impactor. Just react to the post or reply to the topic which you jst did(maybe unknowingly) while commenting. Then you will see the hidden download link and can download the ipa using same link.
  5. A new app is live on App Store for watching movies and TV Shows for free. Download before it is removed by Apple. Here's the link to app:- https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/movies-diary/id1331405996?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D8
  6. I downloaded PUBG from here :- When I try to login to fb with mobile data it halts at loading screen. Any way to login to my fb pubg account with mobile data?
  7. I am sure that its plugged in correctly as everything in iTunes and 3uTools or other apps is working fine with with iPhone. And others IPAs are also installed properly using impactor (Even last version of this hack was installed). Its just this IPA thats not installing and stucks as EXTRACTING PACKAGE.
  8. I was trying to install PUBG Non-Jailbreak IPA Mod from this link :- https://iosgods.com/topic/67041-pubg-mobile-v0508027-7-free-jailed-cheats/ While installing with cydia impactor it stucks at Extracting Package every time. I tried and retried for atleast 5-6 times. I am using an iPhone 6 with iOS 11.1. Please help me with installing this ipa.
  9. After installing PubG IPA for Non-Jailbroken I am stuck on login screen. I am unable to go past the login screen after tapping on FB or Guest account. When I tap on any of them the game just shows loading icon and the music stops for some seconds like game is about to load but then music continues and I am stcuk on same screen even unabble to tap again anywhere. The only solution is to Close the game from app switcher or the game game crashes itself after some time. I am using iPhone 6 with iOS 11.1 Please help me out.
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