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  1. Anubis: Anubis was the Egyptian deity of cemeteries and embalming as well as the protector of graves. He helped mummify Egyptians when they died. Isis: Isis was goddess of healing and magic, she was also the sister and wife of the god Osiris who ruled the underworld. She was both the protector of women and the bringer of magic. Osiris: Osiris was the god of the deceased, before he went to the underworld he taught agriculture and gave laws and civilization to humans. Re: Re was the one who represented the sun. He was kind of all the deities, and created everything in the beginning. Oupouaout: Oupouaout was war deity and seen as wolf. He was being seen as one who opened the ways to and through duat for the spirits of the dead.
  2. The purpose of life is to have fun.
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