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  1. You can’t access the App Store? If you are using uncover or Electra, then you can go into an unjailbroken state (so turning your phone off and back on again to turn the jailbreak off) and then download from the App Store and then rejailbreak. If that doesn’t work then idk because you have to get the app from the App Store.
  2. Since it is a .deb, you will need the actual game and the mod menu will be in the App Store app. It isn’t a .ipa which downloads a cracked version.
  3. It crashes my game @DiDA . I’m on iPhone 6s 11.3.1 with the latest unc0ver jailbreak. I’ve tried it without the hack and it works fine.
  4. Suggestion: The ability to download jailbroken .debs. You guys could do this by listing a jailbroken section and have the app redirect you to the download on safari. You guys have been doing great and I hope the community gets bigger and bigger! To another year!
  5. I got here because I searched up “iOS game hacks” and iOSgods was there bc even google knows this is the best iOS game cheats forums ever.
  6. Hey I might if you can make it a jailbroken hack that isn’t for vips...
  7. I got this “event” and when I tried to go to it, it wouldn’t let me. https://www.dropbox.com/s/odl9ks6fy195wuh/IMG_3369.PNG?dl=0
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